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Instagram is fashion’s latest muse. It has now become kind of a visual twitter. Fashion has always been a fast-paced industry. Over the last few years, blogs and social media have kicked the accessibility of the fashion world into high gear. It has become the go-app for fashion’s VIP’s. It’s a great way to generate a buzz.

No surprise, that it’s being exploited by fashion labels at every level of the marketplace as an image bank, a showcase and a research tool. Fashion DIY’s to the latest trends, you’ll find it all here. Everything from the shot of Prada’s drool worthy Spring 2013 shoes, to the latest beauty swag, its there on Instagram. We can also experience the upcoming fashion week through the (smart phone) lens of top designers and bloggers.

When it comes to our fashion bloggers, posts aren’t enough.We get to see who their friends are, which fancy places they are eating at, even a photo of them sleeping in first class! Here a few bloggers you should TOTALLY follow. Coco Rocha: she is an Instagram ninja, follow her because the world looks pretty sweet though her eyes.

Laurel Pantin or @lapantin: along with her enviable wardrobe of designer accessories, we get a peek into the glittery, fashion filled world of Glamour. So now there is no need to seek out several websites when with the help of Instagram, one is transported into the world of fashion’s elite.

Diane Von Furstenberg when once posted pictures of searingly coloured wildflowers, her followers promptly registered approval, suggesting they would make a fine print on a dress thus giving her a new idea to work on. Hence Instagram has also become means of communication and inspiration too.

So all the fashion enthusiasts out there, if you still don’t have an Instagram account you better hurry up, it is an easy and quick platform to showcase the fashionista you are and what’s better? Your daily update of fashion trends has now become just one click away!



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