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Fake Friendly Fridays With Robin Williams


Fake Friendly Fridays

Welcome back to our series, Fake Friendly Fridays.

We are here with another round of (fake) celebrity interview. So grab that morning cuppa and read on our interview with none other than, the man who needs no introduction, Robin Williams.


ED: Hello Robin. Welcome to our show. We’re delighted to have you here with us as this week’s guest. I hope you’re comfy there in that couch.  Anything I can get you?

Robin: How about some audience? I am the most comfortable when I have thousands of people ogling at me.

ED: So Robin, Hows Afterlife?

Robin: Well, all the religions conned us there. I was expecting angels singing choral music or a horde of devils singing jazz. But nothing doing. It is just the same. Meeting old friends is the only consolation.

Hahaha so it’s all the same, not much difference. Talking about old friends and old times..

ED: If you were given a chance to do a role that you have already done, which one would you pick?

Robin: Oh, no no no no. I have had my shot at movies and right now I feel tired of it. No more stuff in front of the camera. I am done with acting; on stage, on screen and in life. That is when we die you see.

ED: On that note, if you don’t mind then we’d like to know that, while you made the whole world laugh, you yourself were battling with some serious emotional issues, didn’t you ever feel the need to tell your fans about it?

Robin: I am afraid even if I tell, there is no point in it. You see Chaplin got it right. Have you ever seen the Tramp smiling and happy? Chaplin’s Tramp was so hungry that he ate his shoes, Chaplin’s Tramp was poor that he wore rags and so he couldn’t impress the girl he loved, yet, people thought it was all funny. I was struggling, crying, cursing every moment alive and burning from inside, yet the one thing I could do was fool you all- make you all laugh. Tell you all is well, while nothing is. People go for movies, shows to be entertained, you see. I am happy I did not share it to the media. Now everyone is shocked and speculating if Robin Williams had emotional problems. Dude, anyone could have it!

ED: We’d like to know how you perfected the art of being able to do both comedy and serious more intellectual roles, such as Night at the Museum and Dead Poet Society,  so brilliantly? We would like to know the secret recipe.

Robin: Intellectuals and comedians are not so different. You say the same joke with big words, a beard and spectacles, you become an intellectual. Once you understand the fundamental facts regarding how the world works, you become a cynic, snobbish. And if you are smart enough to fool everyone, you can make everyone laugh and be a comedian. I was the smart one.

Always remember something- Acting is there in life. You behave different in different circumstances. That is acting. My secret, now that I am dead I can tell you without a fear of competition, was to behave naturally, because that is what people found very rare and hence they would think it would be the best acting.

ED: Well said, Robin. You have done many comic events in your life time? Which is the most hilarious one according to you?

Rpbin: First comes religion. I thought it was heroic, but believe me it is a con. Then comes my many marriages. (Laughs)

ED: Haha genius!  Okay so if you could change one thing right now, what would it be? And would it affect you?

Robin: That’s a tricky one. I guess if I could change one thing, that’d be to not have committed suicide and shared my sorrow with my friends, family and my fans. I realise now that sharing your feelings with your loved ones, can reduce your pain immensely. So I think that would be it. Oh gosh, you tricked me into answering that!

ED: Did you ever think that your death would have such a huge impact on millions of people who loved and followed you?

Robin: No I did not expect this much reaction, this love or care or concern. But now I know, I had walled myself in a cave and created a world of my own without letting in anyone. Nothing meant much to me. But now thinking that so many people cared for me, I think, I did underestimate the power of genuine and innocent love.

ED: Any message for your fans out there?

Robin: Don’t take anything in your life for granted. But don’t take everything so seriously either. Laugh it out. Life is too short to be grumpy or grouchy. I was someone who made it big. But believe me the problem with big things is that, once you get it, it would not matter much. But the small things, all the small, innocent things you don’t value much- they matter.

That’s some food for thought for our readers out there.

Thank you so much for your time, Robin. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that you were truly a treasure to this world and we all miss you immensely. :’)


Interviewers: Chirali Sharma, Prerna V Kumar, Anna George

Graphic credits: Amit Patel



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