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Fake Friendly Fridays – With Actor Adhyayan Suman


(Fake) Friendly Fridays is our way of interviewing our dearest celebrities. The opinions presented in the article are solely of the author’s (which are correct most of the time) and the only place that the interview has taken place is our head and is not real (though we are sure that the celebrities wish it were otherwise) and any resemblance to the current highlights is purely coincidental.


Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce you to today’s guest Adhyayan Suman. The man with the shocking claims. The man who made the world realize that even he was once Kangana Ranaut’s boyfriend. Let’s hear from him.

ED: Adhyayan, Welcome to (Fake) friendly Fridays. After your interview, people are suddenly googling to find out who Adhyayan Suman is. How does it feel to become a celebrity overnight?

Adhyayan: It is true that people are curious about me more than ever. But they already know who Adhyayan Suman is. As you know, I have had a great career so far.


ED: At 28, you only have a handful of movies to your name. Except Raaz, I didn’t know about your recent movies like Ishq Click, Heartless even a week ago. Is that what you call a great career?

Adhyayan: At least I have done better than many. And whenever I don’t have any work, my dad is there to offer me a role just like he did in Heartless.

 ED: What is your biggest contribution to the film industry?

Adhyayan: One of the finest actresses of Bollywood owes her career to me.

ED: Do you plan to join politics in the near future?

Adhyayan: Yes, I can follow in my father’s footsteps and join politics. In politics, you need good acting skills which I already possess. My recent interview has widened my fan base. I am really confident about a successful political career.

ED: Are you telling that you portrayed Kangana as a witch only to widen your fan base?

Adhyayan: I only revealed the truth.

ED You didn’t have the courage to speak for years. Why are you suddenly telling me these things? Is it a strategy to be in the spotlight?

Adhyayan: Why are you being so cynical? Has someone hypnotized you?

ED: Sorry sir, but hypnotization, black magic, etc. work well for you. You haven’t answered the question, though.

Adhyayan: You guys say that no one would have known me if I were not Shekhar Suman’s son. The truth is he is really proud to be my father. I don’t need some Kangana Ranaut to make headlines. She wasn’t a star when she was dating me. Our family made her the star that she is today.

ED:  Don’t you think that your claims are too ridiculous to convince anyone?

Adhyayan: I know you are jealous of me because your dad never gifted you a BMW-7 series car. A lot of people envy me. And that’s why my claims don’t convince people.

ED: But you had self-doubts when you said, “You know how reluctant I was to talk on this as I felt that even if I speak, would people believe me?”

Adhyayan: I know people don’t like me. As an actor, I never attracted a large audience. Now, even though I am telling the truth, these stupid people are making fun of me.

ED: Well, that is it, then. Thanks for your time. It was a pleasure to have you on our show.

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