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What to expect in 2014?


By- Suhani Gupta

As we’re already into the second month of 2014, here’s giving you a glimpse of the technological inventions likely to come your way, this year.

Electric cars: Moving towards a greener environment

Formula E, as the name suggests is based solely on electric power. The introduction of such petrol-free motor racing competition is a step forward towards a greener environment as well as towards advancement in the automobile world. Two years ago, The Federation Internationale de I’ Automobile (FIA) announced its ambitious plan to bring in electric car race. Initially, the cars will run on the high power battery engines. This is a great step forward considering the shortage of fuel and the deterioration of the environment.

Time to wear technology

2013 saw the release of some great wearable gadgets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Pebble smart watches. This year is going to witness the release of the long awaited Google Glasses. Through this marvel invention, Google plans to take us to an entire world through glass. These surprisingly simple glasses will enable us, to take a picture when we say, “Take a picture”, to record and share what we see, to send a message by speaking, to see navigation directions right in front of us, to translate our voice, and the coolest part, to google whatever’s on our mind!

Faster online deliveries at the doorstep

In this busy world, everyone seeks immediate gratification of needs. Waiting for days to get an online purchase delivered will now be a thing of the past. In no time, we will witness online giants like Amazon and E-bay delivering goods within half an hour of ordering. One would imagine this being possible through an increase in the number of warehouses and partnerships with courier services. However, what is surprising to know is that Amazon’s CEO plans to get online purchases delivered to consumers through drones. Yes, you heard me right! Initially they plan to test these drones across six locations.

The Boss of Credit cards

A recent study has revealed that most people in U.S. and other developed nations do not carry cash on them. Within some months, they won’t even need to carry so many cards either. The American company, Coin has devised a new kind of card, which can carry all information of upto eight credit, debit, loyalty or gift cards. Owners simply press a button to choose the card they want to use and then swipe it in the usual manner. What if one loses this card? No worries, all the information of the card will directly be synced with the owner’s smartphone. Surely a rescue from the heavy wallets!

Heading towards Mars?

The VASIMR (or Variable Specific Impulse Magneto plasma Rocket) was initially developed as a result of research into nuclear fission. It is expected that this year, the rocket will be used to head towards Mars, If successful, its engine will reduce the time needed to reach Mars to just five months. This is surely a move towards expansion of the process of interplanetary exploration.


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