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ExclusiveCoin can be the best investment in cryptosphere right now?


Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, has become the hot buzzword in the cryptosphere lately. At its most basic, DeFi is using smart contracts based frequently in Ethereum-based ERC-20 Tokens, although there are other examples such as NEO, Waves and Lisk. These contracts can take the place of typical financial services provided by banks and other institutions.

Some of these tokens function similarly to the Proof of Stake coins, hold some amount, freeze it in place, get more coins/tokens/shares.

The DeFi concept is a copy of old Proof of Stake or Masternodes system with low market capitalization currencies, which one of possible Moonshots can be EXCL aka Exclusive Coin.

Created in 2014, with own blockchain unlike tokens created on Ethereum or NEO, runs a hybrid system of Masternodes and Proof of Stake making it one of most innoviative in that time and still interesting to these days concepts. If you add to this low supply amount of coins in circulation and small inflation it looks like a perfect thing to get interested in.

Worth to note that currently it costs just 400 satoshi when all time high price was 60 000 so plenty space to grow.

One of EXCL competitors – DASH has only masternode system and it takes 10 000 coins worth 90 000 USD to create masternode, while on EXCL you need just 5000 for around 250 USD right now.

EXCL trades on many exchanges which you can see on the official website with famous and respected Bittrex running most volume.

While looking into current trends in crypto you should also look at older projects which started them, are not made for fast profits and have been alive in the sphere since long time.

EXCL is one of those hidden gems which have a lot possible %s to grow.



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