Delhi is not exactly the safest of the cities in India, and a running joke here seems to be on how powerful people or their relatives throw their weight around to get their bidding done.

Areas like Haryana, Gurugram, and even certain parts of Delhi have people easily roaming around with guns that they acquired just because of their wealth of connections.

This viral video of a man supposedly threatening a couple right outside a 5 star hotel in Delhi with a gun and plenty of abuses, is a good example of what is wrong with the city.

The video has gone crazy on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook after it was first posted (and now has even been deleted) by a Shefali Singh, who according to reports is connected to the hospitality industry.

What Exactly Happened?

Ashish Pandey, the son of a former BSP MP, was seen in this viral video in an argument with another couple outside the prestigious Hyatt Regency Hotel in the posh, South Delhi, RK Puram area of New Delhi.

The son of former BSP MP Rakesh Pandey, his brother is currently a sitting MLA in the Jalalpur area of UP’s Ambedkar Nagar. Ashish as per sources is from Lucknow and is in the real estate business.

Pandey can be seen dressed in a black polo T-shirt and pink pants with his gun out for everyone to see, and the whole fight took place at the front steps right outside the lobby of the hotel.

The couple he was fighting with was the man in a blue polo T-shirt and the woman in a flower print black dress.

Apparently, as told to the police Ashish was angry that the man who was being threatened, had allegedly entered the women’s washroom at the hotel.

On the other hand, as reported by India Today, the man in question stated that he had accompanied his lady friend to the washroom as she wasn’t feeling well. However, he clarified that, “I stood outside and asked the female security to help her.”

He further explained that, “That is when the 3 women who were with Ashish Pandey came in and started hurling abuses. I did not say a thing. I was very intimidated.”

It was after all this, that the man was once again accosted outside the hotel with a gun holding Pandey and one of his female friends in a party dress shouting abuses at the other couple.

2 other women sitting in Pandey’s BMW were also saying vulgar and indecent things to the couple being accosted.

A person by the name of Shefali Gandhi then uploaded the video on Facebook last night, with the caption,

“What disturbed me [about the video] is the fact that… [if] a calamity would have happened… the establishment would have been blamed… The authorities would have come down hard on us but will they think how would we keep our staff safe and protect their lives?

These Guys seem so proud about how they reacted and the machoism they have shown, the ladies and the man in question are so confident that they are right are actually getting their friends to record this video that it disgusts me to the core.

To all of us in the hospitality industry we need to spread this.. hence I request as many of you to share this post.”

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What Is Happening Now?

Currently, an investigation is going on to bring back the suspect, Ashish Pandey who was booked by the Delhi Police under the Arms Act.

As per the RK Puram police station, the incident happened around late night Saturday or early morning Sunday, but the complaint was registered on October 15th 2018 which was made by the assistant security manager of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

CCTV footage and the viral video itself were able to give good facial recognition and allowed the investigators to identify the car’s number plate.

As per latest reports, Ashish is absconding from the city and a team of officers have left for Lucknow to arrest him.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: India Today, Times of India, Firstpost 

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