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Entrepreneur Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei of Shuraa Group has a message for all budding entrepreneurs


Even if it doesn’t look like it at first, starting a business can be much more difficult than most entrepreneurs realize. When starting a new business venture, entrepreneurs should make sure they’re complying with all the legal obligations of running a small business. Along with other basic requirements, there is a range of legal requirements too for new businesses and startups, including financial regulations, tax obligations, and employment laws.

Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei of Shuraa Group that assists in setting up a new business came across the fact that a lot of people were still not aware of basic paperwork done before setting up a business venture back in 2001, hence, he took an opportunity and dived into unexplored territory. Ever since then, the Emirati businessman is paving his way to success and how.

Saeed who has been in this business for a while now has come across various budding entrepreneurs who are clueless on multiple levels taking the company formation and legal formalities. Talking about the same, he says, “Cultivating and expanding the UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is important. It not only creates a conducive environment for entrepreneurs and investors but also helps build a viable and innovation-based economy.”

It takes a lot of courage for someone to take a risk of starting a new business. Those who move aside from the responsibilities face a long-term issue in the future. Saeed realized this at a very early stage and left no stone unturned in setting his best foot forward.

Being a multi-faceted entrepreneur, Saeed has a staff of 105 members and has uplifted more than 25,000 firms with its customized business solutions along with helping them grow with value-added services, including ready-to-move co-working offices, marketing, and advertising, PRO and banking assistance, and VAT and accounting support, among others.

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