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An end for a new beginning: How I Met your Mother



The end of the famous Tv sitcom, ‘How I Met your Mother’, brought in the hearts of its fans a common feeling of resentment and melancholy. Everyone ended up wishing with a lot of “what if’s” and how and why? The series,who’s protagonist narrates to his two children as to how he met their mother, was full of rollercoaster emotions from diverse characters from Barney Stinson (he is legen-waitforit-dary) to Robin (a girl who yearns to be her dad’s son). There are parts in the story which sometimes make you want to jump in happiness, sometimes make you howl with sadness while sometimes itjust makes you want to sit back and relax. But the hardwork- well yes, hardwork and concentration, of dedicatedly watching this show for the last few years, did not pay off. It seems like cheating with the mother dying and Barney and Robin getting divorced.


Some of the essentially disappointing parts were as follows:


  1. Barney-Robin divorce: well, come on. Both of them look amazing together. Their carefree attitude suits them. The hints of romance and moments of passion make them look adorable. And when they drift apart in their marriage, it feels like a real heartbreak.
  2. The mother’s death: it’s strange how from the beginning of the narration of this story, the mother is actually dead. OKAY. The entire plot of the mother ends with her death. Ted (the protagonist) deserves the happiness of “happily ever after”.
  3. Ted-Robin patch up: wait, WHAT? You made us go through all the seasons of “how I met your mother’ to ultimately show that Ted doesn’t end up with the mother but actually, his first love? So what about the vow he made during his wedding to Tracy (the mother), that he would love her for eternity. Is that a lie then? Highly debatable.
  4. Barney and his daughter: despite the spoilers in the show, one can’t help but “aww” when Barney holds his new born baby girl in his hands. It’s a perfect way of showing that even a person so ambitious and unemotional to a high degree, can mellow down when he holds a new life in his arms.


Hope against hope, the fans wished that this was just an April’s fool day prank. Unfortunately, it isn’t. The show ran its course and ended.


All in all, the HIMYM show was an end for a new beginning. To a new life in front of Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily and Marhsal.






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