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ED’s Status War: Participate Now


Status War


Economy Decoded brings to you ED’s STATUS WAR.

Post a cool status on AK vs. RaGa vs. NaMo, upto a max of 50 words and get a chance to win 2 customised Perfumes worth Rs. 1100 each from Home Essence.

Dharna – Dynasty – Dharma: which one will prevail this elections?

Let’s get the PM fever on!
Contest opens 8th April till 12th April.


1.Entry is free and open to all. No Age Restrictions.

2. Participants have to send a cool status or comment or paragraph on anything related to Arvind Kejriwal vs. Rahul Gandhi vs. Narendra Modi.
We all know it is Dharnas vs Dynasty politics vs Hindutva this election season: who will prevail according to you.

3. Please make sure your status is cool enough and has to be related to the topic above. Also please write something interesting and engaging for your readers.


5. TO ENTER the Status War ‘MESSAGE’ your status ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE of Economy Decoded (ED) MAXIMUM till April 12 till 11 pm. DON’T FORGET TO SEND YOUR FULL NAME- PHONE NUMBER- EMAIL ID along with your status.

6. You can message your status before 8th April also, but they will be published on our FB page starting 8th April only.

Timeline of the contest:
Max up till 12th April: message us your status on FB.
8th – 12th April till 11 pm: We will be posting your status on ED’s FB with a serial number and your name.
As soon as your status goes live on ED’s FB, you can start collecting likes, shares and comments. (they have to like ED’s FB first)
So last day to send your status and accumulate as many likes-comments and shares is 12th April, thus start as early as possible.
13th April: Result will be announced.

7. After receiving your “Status” in the message box of ED’s Facebook page, ED will post that status with a serial number & your name on ED’s Facebook wall.

8. Winning entry will be selected on the basis of ENGAGEMENT and REACH of your status on ED’s FB. Engagement and reach is increased by getting as many LIKES – COMMENTS – SHARES on your status. So ask everyone online to help you win by liking, commenting and sharing your status. But before liking or commenting or sharing your status, they MUST LIKE ED’s FB PAGE. This is mandatory and a condition to be get your engagement counted.

9. Engagement and reach generated till 12th April 11 pm IST on ED’s FB page for your status will be counted. The one with the highest engagement and reach (likes-comments and shares) will be declared the winner. Prizes mentioned below.

10. It must be noted that those who have not liked the page of ED, their like-comment or share will not be counted for the competition, be it the participant or others who vote for the participant’s status. SO MAKE SURE EVERYONE LIKING-COMMENTING-SHARING YOUR STATUS HAVE ALSO LIKED ED’s FB PAGE.

11. Also do subscribe to Economy Decoded by going toedtimes.in and entering your email ID.

12. Participants must mention their name, age, email id and city with their entry.

12. ED’s decision is final and binding on all participants and those who send threats/unnecessary comments publicly or non-publicly, will be disqualified from the contest and debarred from the page/s.

13. No obscene, abusive, racial or derogatory language will be tolerated be it in the status or in the comments for it.

14. ED can at any time dismiss the contest due to reasons unforeseen.

15. No enquires regarding other participants/status will be entertained.

16. Any form of copying/plagiarism will not be allowed at any stage. Sentences found to be COPIED (even 2%) will be disqualified at whatever stage this issue is found out.

17. T&C apply.

FIRST PRIZE:- Customised perfume by Home Essence worth Rs.1100.
SECOND PRIZE:- Customised perfume by Home Essence worth Rs.1100.

That’s not all !

The top 5 participants will get recognition on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/EconomyDecoded)
and the BLOG http://edtimes.in/

A big thanks to our sponsor Home Essence.


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