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We elect politicians who can represent us in Parliament. People cast their votes for leaders and bring them in a position of power with the expectation of something better.

But the perspectives of politicians in most of the cases are pretty different. Once in power, all they want is to keep their precious seat and to do that, they end up lacking moral leadership quality and depend on social gimmick to keep the buzz on!

Giving foul statements in front of media and becoming overnight social media sensations is the latest trend the country is witnessing. People in power give unreasonable statements and instantly become ‘top trending’.

Let’s have a look at some foul statements delivered by our politicians:

”Cow dung and urine can cure cancer ” – Shankarbhai Vegad (MP, Gujarat)

”Cows exhale oxygen” – Vasudev Devnani (Eduation Minister, Rajasthan)

”We worship Lord Ganesha. There must have been some plastic surgeon who got an elephant’s head on the body of a human being and began to practise plastic surgery” – Narendra Modi (PM, India)

”Homosexuality is a genetic flaw that is being celebrated” – Subramanian Swamy (MP, Bharatiya Janta Party)

”Civil and not mechanical engineers should apply for Civil Services” – Biplab Deb (CM, Tripura)

”The opposition is using ‘marak shakti’ to bring bad times on BJP leaders” – Sadhvi Pragya (Member of Loksabha)

The list is never-ending!

Can we consider these statements as a simple act of nonsense or there is a hidden agenda behind those foul statements?

Let’s try to understand what our Millennials are thinking about it!

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What is your take on this issue? Share your opinion with us.

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