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Most all-girls institutions in DU are seen as hotbeds of feminism and misandry. And with a rise in the absolutely appalling activities around LSR, we can clearly see the importance of girls taking up the cause of women so actively.

A group of girls from Polytechnic, a girls’ hostel close to LSR, held a peaceful and yet powerful protest recently.

The road linking their hostel to the LSR back gate was absolutely devoid of any street lights, thus causing a safety concern for the residents of the hostel. And what was the solution to this problem? Rigorous suffocating curfews, that demanded girls to be locked up inside before sunset.

The girls took matters into their own hands and walked up to the District Magistrate’s office to have a chat with him about all these issues he had been conveniently overseeing. The very next week, lights were installed on the previously dingy streets.

Gruesome incidents of public masturbation have also been a scare for girls at LSR. Shameless men were found masturbating around the LSR back gate, a space where girls previously walked around freely and comfortably. Protests were held against such activities and the girls ensured that the RWA and the college authorities were more vigilant and strict with lurking men and fishy cars with rolled down windows.

Everything from non-consensual balloon throwing to abduction to eve-teasing has been tried out by men in the vicinity of LSR, and the girls have been active with protests regarding every issue plaguing the college.

But lately we’ve seen a lot of people in and around Delhi criticising girls for their extreme ideas and ways of dealing with what are perceived to be ‘trivial everyday problems.’

ED Times thought that it would be best if girls from LSR worded their own ideas and situations, for the better understanding of Delhiites with these perceptions.

We asked them to write about their own ideas on “LSR’s brand of feminism” and here is what we received:

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LSR's Brand Of Feminism

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Print, The Hindu, The Times of India + more

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