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The current political scenario of our country is one of chaos and confusion. As we near the end of 2019, the year when BJP came into power for a second term, it is evident that a lot of groups are disappointed with the government’s functioning.

The recent turmoil over the implementation of CAA and NRC, coupled with an economic slowdown has created strong feelings of dissent among the people.

However, others also feel that the current government has achieved far more than any other in the past.

Amidst all these mixed opinions, we wanted to know what our budding generation, the Gen – Zs had to say about the existing government. 

So here is BJP’s performance of 2019 report according to the country’s young people:

bjp performance report young people grade

The BJP government has been accused of instigating communal violence multiple times. For students like Gayathri, any other downfall can still be looked over, but propagating hate in the name of religion can never be tolerated.

bjp performance report young people grade

There are students like Fahim who did place their hopes on the party in their second term. However, these very students now feel let down, given the current state of our economy.

gen - z

There are many students like Aishwarya who strongly dissent the ideologies of the BJP. This dissent, according to them, is based on the party’s negative stance towards Muslims.

gen - z

Riddhi is also one of those students who had placed their bets on the party a second time. Even though she is unhappy with their performance this year, she’s still not completely given up on them.

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Many students like Gautami feel that the main mistake on BJP’s part is that they’re focusing on issues that are way down the priority line. Again echoing the feeling that the economy is in a grave condition, Gautami feels that the party’s focus on ‘faith’ related issues is unjustified.

bjp performance report young people grade

As a Law student, Basil is more concerned about the procedural deficiencies when it comes to the government formulating and implementing new laws. He is also highly concerned as to how people are being silenced the moment they express their dissent.

Rising unemployment rates is yet another worry that all gen – zs seem to have. In that case, Rohith feels, that the government should focus on creating more developmental opportunities for the people already living here, before concerning themselves with the case of the immigrants. 

bjp performance report young people grade

Trupti is yet another student who has been let down with the government’s functioning in its second term. She is also let down by how the party has completely lost sight of all the promises it had made before the last elections.

So to sum it up, regardless of what it has done in its first term, the BJP sure has disappointed the younger generations with its divisive and religion-oriented politics. 

As the up and coming generation, the Gen – Zs are also disheartened by the state of the economy since the BJP has come into power. The dwindling amount of jobs and a growing unemployment rate are only worsening their opinion about the current government.

Are your views the same as that of the Gen – Zs or do you beg to differ? Let us know in the comments below.

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