When you look at Ed Sheeran, you wouldn’t necessarily think that he is a 4 time Grammy Award winner at just the age of 26.

However, since 2011 Sheeran has been on a rollercoaster ride with his fame and popularity only growing each year and earning him several famous celebrity friends along the way.

Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Ellie Goulding, Robert De Niro, Elton John, Jennifer Aniston, and now even Ronaldo are just a few people that Sheeran can now call his friends.

But there was a person before Sheeran got so famous that helped him in a much more significant way than we can imagine and it would be Hollywood actor and musician Jamie Foxx.

As per an interview, Foxx not only knew Sheeran before he became a household name but even gave him shelter on his couch and fed him for close to 6 weeks.

Recently Jamie Foxx appeared on the Graham Norton show and revealed that:

“Ed Sheeran slept on my couch… for 6 weeks before he was famous”

Apparently, back when Ed Sheeran was an upcoming artist and still had to make a mark, he came to Foxx about giving his music a chance on his radio show. Foxx at the time did a radio show that featured artists and various genres of music and like any artist wanting recognition, Sheeran must have approached him regarding him appearing on the show.

Upon listening to Sheeran, Foxx was visibly impressed and even called him ‘incredible’. However, he did not stop there, as he quickly realized that Sheeran did not have anywhere to go and invited him over to stay at his house for some time.

It is well known that Foxx is someone who helps people, especially upcoming and struggling artists. This was further cemented when Foxx’s daughter on seeing Sheeran on their couch commented, “who do you have over here now?”

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But Foxx wanted to further test Sheeran’s guts and determination to do music and in order to do so, took him to a live show with an audience of 800. An all-black audience of 800.

As per the interview, the standard of the audience and participants was really high too with super talented musicians showcasing their art.

Foxx stressed on the fact that it was an all-black, completely black event and suddenly in the midst of various black artists, Foxx introduced Sheeran. This little painfully white guy with fiery red hair and a ukelele (lame version of a guitar) according to Foxx himself stood out.

Obviously, this came as a bit of a surprise to the audience and a friend of Foxx even commented on what this new guy was doing and how Foxx too needed to ‘respect the room’.

Foxx instead asked for a chance and well, his gamble really worked because, after his performance, Sheeran got a standing ovation of 12 minutes, from an all black, musically super talented room.

See Jamie Foxx’s revelation here: 

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Jamie Foxx, Ed Sheeran, YouTube

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