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ED Review: AMA “The Desserted” Cafe In Majnu Ka Tilla


Have you ever wanted to satiate the craving of your sweet tooth but it was the end of the month and no place suited your wallet?

Do you ever want to just sit in a nice comfortable place on cold a winter morning and enjoy a cup of coffee, with some sandwiches and desserts and, read a book?

Well, you could find such a place, away from the humdrum of Delhi, in a quaint little Tibetan refugee colony, which harbours a beautiful monastery as well. Entering The New Tibetan Colony in Majnu ka Tilla will introduce you to tiny lanes leading to a bunch of little cafes and restaurants, promising authentic Tibetan food.

One such cafe is Ama Cafe, unarguably the most famous cafe in Majnu ka Tilla, offering a wide variety of delicacies on their breakfast menu (7am-11am), as well as the all day menu.



The cafe is the closest I have been to Tibet. It looks peaceful and soothing. The place is well lit, with a beautiful display of desserts, comfortable couches to sit on, and a little balcony for smokers. With some books to read in a small bookshelf from where you can borrow books, or sit in peace with your own books, this place is readers’ delight. You could also find a monk or two just enjoying the great food in peace (I’m sure you haven’t witnessed this in any other cafe).

IMG_1747             IMG_1750


I believe that hidden gems are the prettiest. Moreover, a student in Delhi is always on the lookout for the best and inexpensive places to eat. I visited Ama Cafe with some friends, and we ordered Pancakes, Cafe Latte, a Peach Iced Tea, one Iced Mint Lemon, a Blueberry Cheesecake, and a Mud Cake. It looked so appealing to the eyes that I had to fight my friends to wait so that I could click some pictures of the food. The older ones call it tech-obsession, but you would not be reading this if I hadn’t.

P.S. You have to order at the counter while the food would be served to you.



The Blueberry Cheesecake was the right amount of creamy, and it instantly melted in the mouth. The Peach Iced Tea was as good as Big Chill’s ice tea, need I say more? The Iced Mint Lemon was a like a breath of fresh air to the soul, absolutely refreshing. Cafe Latte was so good that my heart almost skipped a beat. It was one of the best coffees I have ever had.

But, Mud Cake won us over. The hot chocolate over the moist chocolate cake had a perfect level of sugar (not too sweet) and, chocolate (though there’s nothing like too much chocolate, is it?) It was orgasmic, and that is the least I can say about it.

The pancakes were not up to the mark, as they serve the toppings inside the pancakes which made them soggy in no time.

Every dish on the menu was within 150 bucks (cafe latte for just 80 bucks, I KNOW). Do you really think there could be anything better?




The place, ambience, the red chest of drawers, coffee, desserts, and refreshing coolers, and value for money.




How to reach: Take a rickshaw or an auto from the nearest metro station, Vidhan Sabha, or google maps if you are driving.

I cannot wait to go back and try all the other things on the menu. I hope I can rely on the food now. 

All in all, AMA Cafe gets a 4/5 from me.


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