Shiny bright sky with illuminating moon and an array of twinkling stars, that’s what the nights in Corbett were like. After having done with my semester exams, I was desperately waiting for a rejuvenating trip to the mountains.

A closely tied discussion with my family finally settled itself onto Corbett (Nainital), a hill station in Uttarakhand. Famously known for the ‘Jim Corbett National Park’, Corbett is a beautiful little place tucked pleasingly in the laps of the hills of Uttarakhand.

Since I had the opportunity to visit the place, I thought I’d share with you some of the most enchanting moments of the journey. Here we, go.


Choosing the roadways as the mode of commute didn’t turn out to be such a bad idea after all, the highway was continuous and well built. The journey was about 250Km and was pretty smooth most of the way.


The roads in Ramnagar were filled with reflective pavement markers, and it was absolutely magnificent to watch those glistening markers pass us by.

My hotel was about 15 minutes from Ramnagar and I reached there by 9:00 PM. So quite obvious that I rushed to the restaurant and gorged on delicious food before I dozed off to sleep.


Next morning I woke up early to visit the hotel, and got awestruck by the magnificent scenery in front of me. It was almost overwhelming.


So I decided to venture a little further into this impressive beauty and discovered that the river Kosi was flowing right in front of me.

The sparkling water and frequent stances of chilly winds were almost tickling my bare feet and hair.


The afternoon was sunny but I didn’t shed a single drop of sweat, so yes, I loved that weather.

Next on the day plan was the Jungle Safari. Safari in Jim Corbett National Park begins from 5 in the morning and since I woke up at 8, that was out of the window.

But then there was another time in the evening when the Safari’s would start and hence I boarded that one. Swooosh!


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First thing I saw was this super tall tree with literally around ten giant honeycombs on it. Pretty cool. The honeybees were that of a Rock Bee kind and Indian Hive bee kind.


Next, I came across this monkey that kind of looked like a baboon, but whatever I got a selfie clicked with it.


Then came, this pebbly road that was actually quite picturesque so I clicked a photo! Well, I didn’t see any wild animals.

The most proof that I saw of a lion’s presence in the same area as me were, his paw prints.


But what I did see a million times, were deer. The Barasingha and some other species of Antelopes. It was cool but boring. Since I saw like 200 of them.

Before finishing my safari, I luckily encountered this herd of elephants who were kind of dancing. I don’t know exactly, but they were unbelievably cheerful. I got too lost in watching them, couldn’t take a shot of that. Bummer!

After that, I was on my way back to the hotel. On my way back, I stopped in the city for some souvenirs for my ‘always hungry for gifts’ friends. The night went by pretty much the same as the last one and in the morning, by breakfast, I checked out from the hotel.

The sum total of my trip adjusted to somewhere around 50 hours, and well I made the most of those 50 hours and loved every moment of it.

Take a trip.

Viva la Vida man.


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