Justin Trudeau always seems to be in the news for one thing or another, but this time seems to be something more than just about his good looks, his friendship with Obama or a multitude of different things.

Justin Trudeau is the inventor of something called ‘sock diplomacy’. Until now you must have heard about fashion diplomacy wherein people would wear certain clothing items in order to communicate a message about a political, social or even personal reason.

But Justin Trudeau’s sock diplomacy is adding a new side to that of fashion diplomacy where he is conveying messages from his socks.

It really came to light when Trudeau participated in Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade wearing a pair of socks that brought together two communities in just one move.

Take a look at Justin Trudeau’s sock diplomacy with these pictures:

Justin Trudeau at the 2017 Toronto Gay Pride Pride wore in recognition of the Islamic festival a pair of rainbow-striped socks which had the words ‘Eid Mubarak’ written on them.
Both the events fell on the same day and Trudeau managed to acknowledge them both.
Justin Trudeau wore 1 pink and 1 blue sock with the NATO flag on them at the 2017 NATO meeting in Brussels.

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Trudeau also wore these maple-themed socks, as a sign of his patriotism at multiple public events. And again this June when he appeared at ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’. He was even gifted with customized socks by the hosts that beared their faces.
Trudeau showed that he is a true Star Wars fan when he wore these themed socks celebrating the ‘International Star Wars Day’ when meeting the PM of Ireland, Enda Kenny.
That was not the only time when Trudeau showed off his inner fanboy. Here we can see his love for the iconic character of Chewbacca.

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