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ED Forecasts Politics 2012


The year ‘2011’ was termed as the Year of Revolution.The Tsunami started in Egypt,  then in middle east and finally moved to south east Asia. .People started to realise the value of democracy. In India, people joined hands to form a human bariccade to stop corruption through the Jan Lokpal. ED team binoculates the position of some political parties in 2012.

The United States Presidential Elections will be held on 5th  November 2012. Present President Barack Obama had a low tenure. Apart from killing 9/11 mastermind Bin Laden, Obama was in the news mostly for wrong reasons like recession and inflation. Michele Bachmann, member of the Republican state house of Representatives is a strong contender of the presidential post in the upcoming elections. Obama will have to work hard to strengthen his position.

UK and the Euro Crisis:

Prior to the Euro Crisis the Scottish National Party(SNP) ,who occupied 69 seats in the General Assembly elections 2011 had no such big problems. But after the recent Euro Zone Crisis, the entire market crashed and the SNP is at a fix. SNP will give a shot to overcome from the crisis.


The issue which united  Indians in 2011  apart from cricket, the Jan Lokpal might finally settle down by the end of May 2012. The Social Activist leader Anna Hazare and his team along with the BJP and other political parties may finally succeed in passing the Jan Lokpal throufh the parliament. The planning Commission will make some serious change in its policy to control the inflation rate.


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