New Delhi (India), September 26: In the early hours of a recent morning, a group of adventure seekers gathered at Coffee & More in Hinjewadi, Pune. The reason for their early start? An exciting journey from Hinjewadi to the picturesque Mahabaleshwar hill station. Coffee & More under Glocal Foodworks Pvt Ltd, known for its impeccable service and premium coffee, opened its doors at 5:30 AM to ensure these travelers started their day with the perfect brew and a hearty breakfast.

The riders of this adventure arranged by Pedal Drive, Pune’s most exciting cycle and accessories store, fueled by caffeine and enthusiasm, embarked on their expedition. Coffee & More Hinjewadi’s cozy ambiance provided the ideal meeting point and energizing stopover for these adventurers. As they enjoyed their breakfast, the café staff ensured their orders were served promptly, setting the tone for a day of camaraderie and adventure.

While Coffee & More has become synonymous with quality coffee and excellent service in Hinjewadi, its story is not limited to this tech hub. Sachin Salunkhe, the Chairman of Coffee & More, has set his sights on expanding the brand’s presence nationally and internationally. Under his visionary leadership, Coffee & More is gearing up for a remarkable journey.

The brand’s national expansion plans include making its mark in metropolitan cities across India, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata. These cities, known for their diverse cultures and discerning tastes, present exciting opportunities for Coffee & More to share its passion for exceptional coffee and multicuisine dishes with a wider audience.

Moreover, Coffee & More is all set to venture beyond borders. The brand is gearing up for international expansion, starting in Asia with countries like Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. This expansion will not only promote Indian coffee culture but also create new avenues for coffee enthusiasts worldwide to experience the brand’s dedication to quality.

Shweta Salunkhe, the Chief Learning Officer of Coffee & More, brings a unique perspective to the brand’s journey. Her commitment to women’s empowerment and professional growth aligns seamlessly with Coffee & More’s values. With her leadership, Coffee & More is championing diversity and inclusivity in an industry that thrives on creativity and innovation.

Coffee & More Hinjewadi’s early morning rendezvous with adventure enthusiasts is just one of many stories that highlight the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service. As Coffee & More prepares to conquer new horizons nationally and internationally, it continues to be a beacon for those who appreciate the finer aspects of coffee culture and culinary excellence.



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