The Entrepreneurship Cell of Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management (SIDTM) hosted the E-Summit 2022 on 17th December 2022. E-Summit, aims to bring together budding and established entrepreneurs to share their experiences and inspire students to take up enterprising endeavors.

Every year E-Summit attempts to host speakers who have redefined boundaries of innovation in their respective fields. One speaker at this year’s E-Summit was Mr. Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO of RD&X Network, who delivered a Keynote on MADTECH- The strides, the edge, and the road ahead. It began with the speaker sharing his entrepreneurial journey, stressing that it’s okay to be ahead of time as long as you persist, learn, and evolve.

Keynote session by Mr. Rajiv Dhingra

Post the illuminating Keynote session, Mr. Roshan Rawal, Founder and CEO at Exposit Immersive Solution Private Limited, gave a Tech Demo. He explained in detail the concepts of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

Tech Demo session by Mr. Roshan Rawal

Next was an invigorating Fireside Chat with creative maverick Mr. Sonal Dabral, the Former Chief Creative Officer of South East and South Asia and Vice Chairman of India Ogilvy. He emphasized the importance of embracing opportunities and how to harness them to forge a successful career path, inspiring the audience in its wake. He suggested that tapping into emotions is the way to go.

Next up, the segment for Entre-Talks: ‘Uncovering a disruptive thought process’ was steered by the Technical Director at CyberSage, Mr. Anshuman Sen, with our esteemed panelists: Mr. Raj Kapoor, Founder at India Blockchain Alliance and Mr. Manoj Kothari, MD and Chief Strategist at Turian Labs. Both speakers shared invaluable insight into tech entrepreneurship, breaching subjects like Web 3.0 and Blockchain.

Coffee table Conversation with Ms. Vaidehi Vaidya and Dr. Divya Rathod

The last session was a refreshing Coffee Table Conversation powered by Third Wave Coffee on Gender Neutrality being the way to go in Entrepreneurship, including Ms. Vaidehi Vaidya, the founder and MD at Women in sports India; Dr. Divya Rathod, founder at Silvery Nanos; and Mr. Vivek Nair, the moderator. The discussion concluded by identifying the gaps and the need for the government to promote female athletes and make new policies to bring in not just women but decision-making women into action. The key takeaway was that gender neutrality is a goal we must meet in all industry-work environments to help create a more vibrant, positive, and productive work culture and drive profitability. Attaining it is ambitious, but yes, we are moving in the right direction.

The Entrepreneurship Cell at SIDTM took this opportunity to offer recognition and award several successful Star Alumni Entrepreneurs and also launch its inaugural edition of ‘Entre-Bytes,’ a one-of-a-kind E-Book for and about Entrepreneurs. The book is an accumulation of experiences of real-world entrepreneurs like the institute’s alums and prominent figures like Parupalli Kashyap, the badminton player, and Mithlesh Vazalwar, Founder of Corridor Seven.

At last, the E-Summit’22 of SIDTM, Pune, ended with a heartfelt thank you by Dr. Tripti Dhote, E-Cell’s mentor. The Summit greatly motivated the students and encouraged them to take a leap of faith toward their entrepreneurial journey.

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