Every entrepreneur needs to start somewhere. It helps if you have access to scintillating minds who have the nous for the right ideas and a clear idea of a source of capital. That is what the E-Summit 2018 organised by the Entrepreneurship Cell at Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University strives to achieve.

It is a confluence of entrepreneurial minds from the shrewd novice to the savvy veteran from Corporate, Academia and Government sectors.

Spanning two days, the event hopes to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to break from the stultifying conformity of profession and venture the entrepreneurial path.

E-Summit 2018 caters to all kinds of ideas with events such as International Entrepreneurship Challenge, Responsible Entrepreneur, and Frugal Start-up. Apart from the ideas, there will be a panel discussion on ‘Entrepreneurship and Nation Building’ by a panel of diverse individuals who have walked the talk.

The Founder talk series will provide the opportunity of a lifetime for young upstarts to learn from stalwarts in the industry about what it takes to make it big in the industry dominated by established names and faces. If any further incentive was required, there is always the cash prizes worth Rs 20 Lakhs and investment opportunities worth Rs 10 Crores along with a certificate of participation.

A few notable speakers you will get to hear at the event include Sumeet Kapur, Sandeep Amar, Lt. Gen. Philip Campose and Ajay Chaturvedi.

So mark your calendars and save the date to attend the E-Summit on 17th and 18th December at FMS, Delhi University.

Remember, “Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start.”

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