New Delhi, December 08: With every new crisis comes a new wave of change whose existence fades away as soon as the crisis is over. The Covid-19 pandemic also brought a wave of changes concerning how the world functions. From the way in which the hospitality establishments functioned to what the guests liked to have on their plates, pretty much every aspect of the sector experienced something new when it underwent major changes.

But are these changes permanent or temporary in nature? According to Dubai-based restaurateur and entrepreneur Sanjeev Nanda, the pandemic modified the very fabric of how people and businesses used to conduct themselves. As a result, while some elements could easily be done away with, most of the transformations that came around the pandemic crisis are here to stay for a longer time.

“Some regulations, including temperature checks, seating restrictions, and social distancing, are gradually disappearing as the pandemic situation continues to subside. However, the shift in consumer preferences will stay for a longer time. People have grown to be more health-conscious, which is why they are wary of what’s going in the menu items they are ordering for their lunches or dinners,” said Nanda.

Sanjeev Nanda, who is the ideator behind some of Dubai’s most-innovative restaurant concepts like Miss Tess and Billionaire Mansion, believes that the focus on organically grown and locally sourced food will stay upheld. Another trend that picked up during the Covid crisis, sustainable practices will continue to rule the hospitality world, owing to the consumers’ growing inclination toward everything that contributes to reducing carbon footprints.

According to Nanda, while sustainability is much more than a mere catchphrase, its popularity amongst consumers has grown to phenomenal proportions during the pandemic. “The exact reason behind this is difficult to deduce, but maybe people paid more attention during the pandemic because there were fewer distractions. The health of self, as well as that of the planet, has taken centre stage, which is certainly a welcome change,” said Nanda.

Even the worst crises may come bearing significant improvements – the pandemic can vouch for the same. While the world grappled with an unprecedented foe, it also came up with numerous new solutions. How people perceived the world changed, and so did how hospitality businesses were run. In hindsight, the calamity gave birth to some of the most innovative and prudent trends the sector has ever seen, which continue to rule the segment.



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