Brace yourselves for the New Year as singer, composer and performer Bismil gears up for his much-awaited tour.

He is taking an almost month-long tour across India with a show in Dubai in December 2022, and his fans can’t control their excitement enough.

New Delhi, December 13: There have been two sets of people across the world: one believes in following what others in his industry have already done, and the other believes in creating his own norms and setting his own standards high for others to follow the path. In any case, people need to give it their all. Still, when people choose to belong to the latter category, they need to surrender to their dreams and spare no effort in getting ahead in their chosen industries and creating massive momentum in the same, just like Bismil did in the world of music and stunned everyone around.

Bismil is currently growing in the music scene in India and abroad and has made quite a buzz for all reasons, right? He is the one who exceeded boundaries in the industry, for he always focused on infusing relevance into cultural music. Speaking on the same, Bismil from his much-talked-about team “Bismil Ki Mehfil”, which he founded along with Vibhor Hasija of Yours Eventfully, says that relevance in today’s time and age is of prime importance. Everyone working in any industry must work around creating relevance in all that they choose to do in their endeavours and careers in life. He further explains that though Sufi music has been there for hundreds of years in the world, its essence is still present in different parts of the world; such is its magic and its realism that music lovers must understand and know.

The live Sufi singer and composer is also known for his numerous shows and the many incredible tracks he has created (Spotify) so far in his career worldwide. He will be touring again across India with a show in Dubai this December.

So, brace yourselves as Bismil is yet again ready to win your hearts with his Sufism in music and the immense love he holds in his heart for Sufi music.

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