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DU Placement In NAAC Ranking Are Not That Shocking In Reality


The Delhi University, aka, DU is one of the most prestigious university in the entire country.

After the more specialized universities like IIT and all, DU is the one to go if you want that tag of actually being worth something.

But the recent National Accredition and Assessment Council or NAAC ranking has revealed a very poor image of DU in terms of quality, education and such.

DU might be one of the oldest universities in the country, and it might boast of some prestigious alumni, however it seems that is where the buck stops.

And frankly, the rankings are not that shocking, at least not to me.

It still surprises me that so many students literally salivate over getting into DU, when frankly speaking it is only a couple of colleges that give any kind of good education while the rest barely can even be called a college in the first place.

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St. Stephens No Where To Be Seen

Perhaps the most shocking of all things in NAAC ranking is that while Hindu, Gargi, SRCC and LSR have made the cut and at least appear in the top 10 list, St. Stephens is no where to be seen at all.

Yup. The so called college for the successful, the college that even while being a part of DU might as well not be, because they make their own rules, and is the dream college for many of us, is nowhere near the top of the list.

Placed at the 12th rank in the NAAC ranking, it is this fact that has left many in DU and even otherwise shocked to their core.

It is just extremely shameful and disappointing for a college of St. Stephen’s stature to be ranked well below unknown institutes like Institute of Home Economics, Acharya Narendra Dev College and such.

naac ranking


Could NAAC Ranking Make DU Change Its Ways?

Now I don’t know about you all, but seeing this list is really bringing some important issues to light.

See, the colleges were testes of certain parameters like teaching, learning and evaluation, infrastructure and learning resources, curricular aspects, faculty research, governance and student support and progression.

And it should be an alarm for DU that not even one college has managed to snag the top score of A++.

Out of 62 colleges not even one college is so good so as get the highest ranking. The next best thing that is A+ has been achieved by SRCC with a score of 3.65, LSR which scored 3.61 and Hindu college which got 3.60.

In order to get an A++ grade the college must get a score between 3.76 to 4.

And if you thought that this score is not of any use, then it is alleged that the NAAC ranking could affect the grant given by govt. the these colleges.

But even if that wasn’t so, then the very public nature of these rankings and it’s impact on the public should be more than enough of an incentive for DU to change its ways.

It has been some time that students have been getting frustrated with the backwards and idiotic system of DU and if it wants to keep it’s position of being a prestigious university of India, then the college should reflect so, in every way that matters.

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