The last decade has brought a handful of films that have introduced the audience to a different style of filmmaking. During the same time, many filmmakers and producers have come into the spotlight for bringing unique film concepts to the audience. While content continues to be of utmost importance, it is equally important to add the perfect dose of entertainment for the audience. Producer DS Lohchab has announced a new film under his production venture Balaji Films Production Pvt. Ltd.

The film is titled ‘Nadada’ and will be the first offering under production. As per the sources, the film is an action-thriller and will go on floors this year. Since an early age, DS Lohchab was passionate about the world of films. In a time when there is fierce competition in the entertainment industry with a plethora of films, DS Lohchab is confident about producing his maiden film. 

Coming from Bupania, Haryana, the producer is based in New Delhi.  Before venturing into the cinema world, DS Lohchab made a successful name in the business space. He has a primary business set up in the hotel industry and has expanded his work to a greater level. Under his first production flick, filmmaker Rahul Singh Rana Krishna has come on board to direct ‘Nadada’.

Bringing in-depth experience, Rahul Singh Rana Krishna has worked on different Bollywood and Hollywood projects. Earlier, Balaji Films Production Pvt. Ltd released its first music video ‘Mashooq Mere’ featuring Roshni Kapoor and Mrunal Jain. As the song got a positive reception, DS Lohchan is already in talks to produce new music videos in the coming time. 

Apart from this, DS Lohchab is glad to join hands with Rahul Singh Rana Krishna. The filmmaker has earlier also worked as an associate director for a couple of Hindi films. Intending to bring new-age artists and creative professionals to the forefront, DS Lohchab wants to bring the best of entertainment for the viewers. He says, “It is important to evolve with time and offer what the audience wants to consume. I am sure that we will live up to everyone’s expectations with our film.”

In addition, the producer is making sure that the action flick has a compelling storyline the perfect dose of emotion, drama, comedy and a key takeaway for the audience. Currently, the film’s casting is yet to be done. It would be interesting to see if ‘Lohchab’ will feature big names from tinseltown. ‘Lohchab’ will mostly go on floors in mid 2023, and the makers are eyeing to release the film on April 4, 2024.


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