Dr. Gautam Allahbadia talks about how family balancing can help couples complete their family 

Having children is probably the most fulfilling experience for any parent. With the innovations in technology in today’s world men and women dealing with fertility issues have found new hope. Today not only can people get pregnant despite advanced age, but options are available to deal with all aspects of pregnancy. One such option that parents today have is Family Balancing.   

In simple words, family balancing refers to the practice of using assisted reproductive techniques to balance the gender equation in a family.

There are many reasons why a family would want to opt for family balancing. One major and most common reason is already having children of the same gender. Therefore, instead of leaving the sex of their child to fate, many parents today are opting for family balancing. so how exactly does family balancing work? “Family balancing is a very simple and safe procedure. The process is same as IVF treatment with a screening process in between that helps in identifying gender and placing the embryo of a baby girl or a boy as per the wish of parents” Shares Dr. Gautam Allahbadia, a Dubai based expert in Assisted Reproductive Techniques and a pioneer in minimal stimulation IVF.

During the fertilization stage of IVF, when embryos are formed in the lab they are screened before transferring to the uterus. This screening process is known as Preimplantation Genetic Screening where a few cells are extracted from the embryo to assess it for any chromosomal abnormality or genetic defects. During this test, the gender of the embryo is confirmed and then the couple can opt for a specific embryo of a desired gender transferred to the uterus. This is legal in the UAE and illegal in India.

The length of an IVF cycle with PGD varies based on your first test results and the particular IVF protocol your doctor prescribes for you. The first full IVF/PGD cycle and pre-cycle work-up typically take a couple around three months to complete from the initial appointment. “today we have all the technology that a couple needs to design their family as they wish. Couples have more control over the outcome and that too with state of the art technology that increases the chances of desired pregnancy” shares Dr. Gautam Allahbadia 

In India, IVF is extremely common and popular among couples struggling with infertility. Even testing the embryos for genetic defects is common but the selection of a specific embryo based on sex is not permitted in India. However, these facilities are available at the MMC IVF Clinic in Dubai and can be easily availed by reaching out to www.mmcivf.com.

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