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Donald Trump Is President Of USA: What It Means For Indian Students & India


Donald Trump has won the Presidency. Hillary Clinton underperformed and trailed by huge margins. This is the reality today. What people thought as a distinct possibility and laughed about has actually come true.

Donald Trump is the President of United States of America; his dream of making America great will become a nightmare for the ENTIRE globe.

Trump is bad news for all countries but Indians are the second largest immigrant population there so Trump is a bigger bad news for India.

On the Economic Front

Trump has always favoured the policy of isolationism. But in 2016 if USA goes into isolationism, then

– China becomes a predominant force in Asia. Add to it India’s ongoing conflict with China it becomes clear that India will have a tough time resolving issues and might have to settle for a compromise.

– India’s largest supporter in fighting Pakistan and its brand of terrorism in the last year was USA. With Trump coming into the office no one knows if he will be willing to help India the way his predecessor did.

– India should let go of the NSG dream. With USA gone it’s a road Modi should not take because the only way membership could have been bestowed on India was through diplomatic pressurizing of China. But is Trump willing to do it? Who knows?

– India would lose massively in its trade because Trump is dead against outsourcing work and even mimicked an Indian call-centre agent in one of his speeches.

– If outsourcing ends, India loses American car manufacturing companies, Apple Inc., poor Modi and his ‘Make In India’ dream!

donald trump, india

But if Trump does swing in India’s favour then power in Asia shifts towards India

-USA could cut its ‘humanitarian aid’ to Pakistan. Pakistan’s economy will be in shambles within months.

-Increased tariffs will mean China will have to pay huge sums of money to sell its goods in USA. China’s growth rate will slow down and India can play catch up.

-Trump has so far been vague about his foreign policy hence it is difficult to estimate whether American direct investments in India are at risk or not.

donald trump, india

Goodbye Visas

Trump is critical of the large number of immigrants USA has to open its doors to. While his hatred is channeled towards Latino, Indians working in USA might suffer too.

-Since, Indians are ‘stealing’ their jobs strict visa rules will be imposed.

-The H-1B visas which are provided by the US government to IT employees and other ‘working’ Indians will be tough to get.

-Trump in one of his rallies said the H-1B visas will be ‘ended forever.’

donald trump, india

The new tax reform under Trump could mean Indians working in companies like Wipro, Infosys and Tata shelling out more money than fellow Americans.

-Since visas will be hard to get and tax reforms making it difficult to survive in USA, students dreaming of NYU or California should give it up sooner rather than later.

While many thought Trump’s presidential candidacy will flame out, Mr. Trump proved that being misogynistic has got nothing to do with politics. Even being a politician has got nothing to do with politics. Only time will tell what Trump brings to the table for India and we hope it is all good!

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Medha Malaviya
Human being from Uttar Pradesh (Yes, they do exist!). History buff. Rarely correct but always right. Wants to intern with Winchester brothers. Anti-meme.


  1. Donal Trump is an ignorant idiot, not to mention an overly retarded hypocrite. So are the people who agree with him that live in our country. We live here because the natives allowed others to come here. But true to the evil of ignorant racist white people, the whole thing was stolen. Now these evil ignorant racists don’t want others to come in, like they actually own the earth and have rights to tell others how and where they can live and go.

    We were all born on the same planet and everyone should have access to any and every part as a birth right. Imagine being born on a rock you can never leave only to have some giant idiot cry like a baby about stepping over his imaginary line. Hundreds of years of evolution and racist idiots still exist. How embarrassing.


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