Domestic violence is a serious case of sexual assault where women stay in abusive relationships either because they believe they are scared or believe that they deserve the treatment they are receiving.

One such incident which has been repeatedly ignored by the media is the star-studded story of an actor who legally married a classy actress, only to have abruptly ended the marriage with horrors of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

HT Brunch cover glorifying Sanjay Khan’s modern family values

Look at the glossy headlines providing ample space to the actor where he spills his best-kept family secrets in a recent report by HT Brunch (link in sources below).

“The swashbuckling patriarch of one of Bollywood’s best-looking Khandaans shows how to make modern values work in a set-up that is traditional at heart”

Unknowingly as per media sources, Sanjay Khan manages to omit his mistake by blanking out an incident which involved brutalization of Zeenat Aman Khan by sweeping it under the thick carpet of fame and power.

Do we need puff pieces about such celebrities where readers would not end up learning anything except for “check your privilege” profiles?

Sanjay Khan's case of sexual abuse
Zeenat Aman and Sanjay Khan’s report in Cine Blitz

Sanjay Khan And His Alleged Case Of Sexual Assault

I am merely stating what the media reported of their alleged affair of three years and the series of domestic violence that was inflicted on Zeenat Aman by the actor around 1970s.

During the shooting of the film Abdullah in 1978, sparks had flown between Zeenat Aman and Sanjay Khan after a messy affair. Their affair ended up in a marriage in a private hotel in the presence of two witnesses.

Sanjay Khan never even agreed openly in the media about the secret marriage but as rumors spread like wildfire, the couple decided to go their separate ways by annulling the marriage.

As per media reports, Sanjay Khan lost his temper out of his manly possessiveness for a strained relationship of three years that he couldn’t bear Zeenat being associated with any industrialist or an actor.

Zeenat received a call from Khan about the reshoot of a song in the film Abdullah to which Zeenat informed about having her dates reassigned to another film-maker. Khan accused her of being promiscuous with multiple filmmakers.

Nevertheless, Khan made an attempt to resolve the issue by meeting him at a party organized at Taj.

Khan responded barbarically in an inebriated state by dragging her to another room, yanking her by the hair and thrashing her every time she fell.

The saddest part of the incident which froze me as I read the reports was these harsh words lashed at her from his wife, “Give the bitch what she deserves!”

Sanjay Khan's case of sexual abuse
Sanjay Khan with his wife Zarine Khan

While Zeenat Aman’s screams of agony and pain rent the air, no one came to her rescue except for a steward who rushed her to the hospital looking at her face which was turned into a bloody pulp.  As she was being treated in a hospital, the doctor had revealed that this is not the first time Sanjay had battered her.

Incidentally, very recently Sanjay Khan had released his book titled The Best Mistakes of my life where there is no mention of the brutal violence of Zeenat Aman on the night of November 3, 1979, at Mumbai’s Taj Hotel.

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Zeenat Aman’s Denial Of Her Abusive Husband

Zeenat Aman would continue to maintain a hush profile, wearing shaded saucer-shaped glares to hide her grievous right-eye injury from the incident defending Khan’s moves, “I love this man. Don’t you understand? I will back his every move and I will make him a king one day.”

I believe that the victims of domestic abuse who clearly show signs of Stockholm’s syndrome believe in relentlessly supporting their partner as a means of assertion on the feminist virtue. And if effectively asked for the truth, they wouldn’t really know how to respond in such unusual cases.

Sanjay Khan's case of sexual abuse
Sanjay Khan and Zeenat Aman

The outcome in Zeenat Aman’s career was her failure to fight back owing to a broken jaw and a right eye which as irreparably damaged even after the surgery leading to a downfall in her career along with a scathing trauma which was going to haunt her for life.

What seems insensitive of journalists and reporters reporting puff pieces is that they are complicit in enabling women to enter into and stay in such abusive relationships where men like Khan legitimize such domestically violent situations only because they see the women returning to the abuser and shrug it off like a discarded pin.

Sources: The Quint, The Other Bomb, Tribune, Hindustan Times

Image Credits: Google Images

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