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DLF Cyber Hub – The new ‘adda’ of office goers and foodies?


Beyond dusty construction sites of Gurgaon, and flanked by the tall glass buildings of Cyber City, there lies a paradise for foodies that goes by the name of DLF Cyber Hub. It holds the same degree of reverence in the hearts of foodies and employees of the nearby offices, as ‘The 3 Broomsticks’ did when it came to the students and professors of Hogwarts.

DLF Cyber Hub is basically one of the few food malls in Delhi, ie. it is a mall like space dedicated only to restaurants, cafés and bistros. The concept can be considered similar to that of a food court; however, it is on a larger scale with proper restaurants replacing the small kiosks and stalls present at food courts. Thus, it is the perfect amalgamation of quality food, which we come across at stand-alone restaurants, along with the convenience of a variety of options, which is found at food courts.

The first thing that appeals to you when you enter the Cyber Hub, is its ambience. It is like a street with restaurants and cafés on each side. Many of these outlets have open air seating as well, which is a great option when the weather is pleasant. If the weather is not so pleasant, tiny sprinklers spray a mist of tiny droplets onto you, which cools you down instantly. The construction is neat and slick, and gives a chic effect. There are around 40-50 outlets, consisting of the standard McDonald’s, Haldirams, KFC and the likes, but the show stealers are the stand- alones which serve a bouquet of cuisines like Pan-Asian, American, Mexican, Italian, Portugese, Irani, North Indian, South Indian, Bengali… and the list goes on. The stand- alones include a fair share of ‘in’ restaurants and cafés like Hard Rock Café, Krispy Kreme, Nandos, Olive Bistro, Smokeys Barbecue and Grill (coming up) and Benihana (coming up). As far as money goes, executives will find them pretty reasonable (after all, it’s aimed at them), but college goers might feel a slight pinch, especially if they go often. Cyber Hub also comprises an amphitheatre, which hosts various gigs by bands, either as a part of HT Friday Jam or otherwise, and other fun activities, but I’m not commenting on that aspect, as I haven’t been able to attend any so far.

But all in all, it’s quite a great experience and a definite must- go, especially if you fall within the 18-35 age bracket, because the place maintains this extremely ‘young’ (imagine air quotes as well) vibe. If you don’t fall within the above age bracket, no worries, DLF Cyber Hub will make you feel young all over again (targeted at those who are 60 years of age, 40 year old people you’re anyway quite young and close to 35 ☺).

So, be it summer, winter, spring or monsoon, you’ve got to visit this place really soon :P


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