December 15: Anyone can be a DJ but its understanding how to read a crowd and keeping them on the floor is what takes years of experience.

What is a DJ?

DJ is the short form for disc jockey. Disc jockeys play the music you hear on radio stations, internet radio stations, local bars and dance clubs, and even at wedding receptions.

What does a DJ do?

A DJ plays pre-recorded music from other musicians, usually drawing from a large collection of available songs that suit the theme of the event or venue he or she is working at.

Who is DJ Lahar?

DJ Lahar a well-known DJ artist known all over the India for her great & rocking experience in the show. She was born on 3 January 1993 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh Her father was a government server due to which they shifted to Narmada Nagar, Khandwa. Her mother was a housewife due to which from childhood only she realised that women are not only meant for household works, they can work in society like men.

What is her qualifications?

In 2010 for pursuing B.E she went to Indore. While doing B.E she thought to do a part time job in an event industry as an anchor. There she hosted in weddings, receptions, and social events. After hosting 5 years she decided to become a Disk Jockey(D.J).So she took a professional training in DJ from Indore.

What Revolution She Brought?

DJ Lahar noticed that DJ’s image is mostly linked with clubs, so she wanted to do something out of the box. She noticed that there were many females who perform DJ’s in clubs, whereas mostly males perform in weddings or at any occasions. So she started performing in weddings and occasions to fulfill the gap of female DJ’s in weddings because as per DJ Lahar weddings is very sacred occasion where two families become a part of each other, so it needs to be perfect whether it is food, decorations, arrangements or DJ for the proper satisfaction of the guests. So it becomes a trouble for the DJ’s to handle and satisfy the needs of the guest as per their mood whereas in clubs there is no one to interrupt you for your random played songs. Due to which DJ’s mostly prefer clubs over weddings.

Why to choose DJ Lahar?

Earlier DJ Lahar was an anchor so she knows very well about how to satisfy the guests. Her hosting skills helped her a lot to implement it in DJ because she knows very well that how to interact with the guest. She has a good taste of song as per the required moment, like song for the couples, song for the kids, songs for grandparents and all. She also has a unique skills to convey the people who are not willing or don’t know to dance.

What are her struggles?

As we know that there are longer and darker nights before a beautiful day. Same was for DJ Lahar. In starting she faced many taunts like female DJ,s are not meant for weddings and occasions they are meant for clubs only. There was safety problems too because a regular club DJ’s have proper protection given by the managers of the club but Lahar needs to perform in weddings all over the India. She faced many financial problems because the equipment’s required to DJ’s are not so cheap. But taking all these problems in a positive way and dedication of not giving up made her a very popular DJ artist today.

What are her achievements?

Her achievements are worthless because the people who were used to insult her for her work are now inviting her to perform in their functions. DJ Lahar performed in many states of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Agra and many more. She also performed with famous Rapper and Singer Badshash and now expanding her limits more.

What are her hobbies?

Apart from anchoring she is very health conscious and she likes dance and yoga.

Her message for other women

She want to convey the message to all the women that if you are passionate about your work so don’t change yourself for it, you need to accept it as you are. She wants more females to become DJ’s and make DJ a very reputed career.

What are her upcoming plans?

She changed the perspective of people’s that DJ’s are not only the person who smokes and drinks. They do a respectful work by which they entertain the people. Fill people’s life with happiness, make them laugh and live the moment. In upcoming years she wanted to represent DJ all over India to aware everyone that a female can also become a DJ artist and earn fame and money.

Thank You.

DJ Lahar world needs such more revolutionary Woman like You.


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