New Delhi (India), January 04: As adolescents, we’re typically taught to pick a career path and run with it. You’re interested in medicine? Great, become a doctor. Love to cook? Sweet, go get your chef’s hat. Then again: What happens if you want to be different Or find a completely new passion that fulfils you way more than what society considers a successful career choice The reality is, no one gives you a guidebook on how to navigate that stuff— “that stuff” being all of the nuances that come with realizing it’s time for a career risk. 

Natural and organic products provide natural protection and care to our skin and hair and also help us keep our well-being in check. Their representation of nature through natural ingredients and delicate textures makes us feel closer to it and awakens our senses. True love for nature comes to those who learn to embrace it, just like Ashith Sashidhar and Divyashree. J. realized this when they founded Secret Haircare, a brand dedicated to solving everyday hair problems with the loving embrace of mother nature. As college friends, Divya and Ashith studied software engineering and graduated as trained professionals, but soon discovered a zealous passion to uncover the treasure trove of valuable secrets hidden in nature.

Luckily, the beauty industry was crawling with crazy-inspiring entrepreneurs—many of whom could teach a college course on how to pivot professions.

 When Ashith realised that his mother’s concoction for beautiful hair produced top-notch results, he felt compelled to turn this miracle portion into a brand.

Beauty explorers like this duo-two highly motivated entrepreneurs who appreciate high-performing, clean beauty products Co-founded their company Secret Haircare in 2018, set out to create a positive impact in a world of toxic self-care and build a brand on the success of ayurvedic practices and rich traditional knowledge. They focused all their efforts to make organic hair care more effective and accessible. 

This inspiring team values quality and knows that what you put in and on your body is important. They enjoy discovering new possibilities and work on being the first to know new beauty trends and products. The need to be flexible and pivot made their business plan quite different from reality. Having the ability to experiment and follow the trends was critical. The partnership of two like-minded people is one of the best ways to brainstorm your way to success.

Divya heads marketing, customer relations, and internal communication at Secret Haircare. Whereas, Ashith’s expertise lies in on-ground sourcing, sustainable production, and distribution. His mother, whose homemade hair oil inspired Secret’s journey, heads the manufacturing unit, proudly calling themselves a family-run business. With steady growth and constant expansion, Secret now runs with a passionate team of over thirty members and presents itself to customers across the globe.

They are passionate about what they do, innovative, not afraid to take a chance, willing to work hard and know how to manage money and people. These are a few reasons for the success of their powerhouse brand ‘Secret’.

“I loved every aspect of shaping the discovery and development of this brand, the amazing wonder of product creation, and getting customers excited about beauty.” Says Divya proudly.

“The most rewarding thing has been seeing people’s reaction when they first experience unboxing the product—the reveal, touching it, feeling it, and experiencing the formulas and appreciating the intention for the creation. We would like to humbly think that in some small way, we were able to surprise and delight, and sincerely hope to continue to do so,” adds Ashith confidently.

 It is a well-known fact that Vibrant and healthy hair is the crowning glory of a woman.

Hair is certainly very important for men too. From the biological importance that hair holds, looking aesthetically pleasing to maintaining youthfulness and perceived virility, hair plays a significant part in any man’s life. If you are one of the unlucky ones suffering from hair loss, there is no need to fret anymore! The Secret is out!

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