There are few directors in Bollywood that can be looked upon with respect and admiration for actually making movies that make sense.

And although there are a number of female directors, the ones doing this smart content is even less, with most either choosing to make films in their family or husband’s family’s production house and that too mindless romantic movies that do not make a lick of sense.

However, there are exceptions to everything and directors like Zoya Akhtar, Gauri Shinde, Kiran Rao, Konkona Sen Sharma, Deepa Mehta and Meghna Gulzar provide a ray of hope that all is not lost for Indian cinema.

Meghna Gulzar with her latest film Raazi that features Alia Bhatt, Vicky Kaushal and is based on the true story of an Indian woman getting married into a Pakistani officer’s family to get confidential information to Indian army is making news everywhere.

The trailer has been well received by all and looks to be a promising film, but while most are talking about Bhatt, her performance and the true story behind it all, let us take a moment to delve into the creator of the movie itself, Meghna Gulzar:

1. Impressive Story Ideas

Even though Meghna has directed only a handful of movies each idea and plotline has been extremely different and unique to Bollywood.

Whether it be a sensitive topic of surrogacy and what all problems it brings with it in Filhaal, taking a look at arranged marriage along with various different kinds of relationships in Just Married or even taking the controversial Aarushi Talwar murder case and giving an extremely neutral and intelligent take to it, all have been dealt with in an impressive manner.

Instead of making a mockery of them, Meghna took an earthy and ground-level look at these spectra of plots and adjusted her direction style to bring the best out of them.

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2. Helped Father with Depression

According to certain sources, it is said that Meghna helped her father during a, particularly difficult stage after Hu Tu Tu failed to become a commercial success.

It is said that besides taking a retirement from Bollywood, Gulzar felt into a depressive state and that Meghna really helped him during this time of his life.

3. Not Afraid To Explore Grey Areas

The best example of this would be Talvar the 2015 movie based on the much talked about Aarushi murder case and how Meghna managed to give us an unbiased film.

What struck me was that this was a particularly dangerous zone to walk into since the case was not closed at that time, but she was not afraid the explore the realistic and humanistic side of the entire incident.

At no point in the film, I felt that she was taking either party’s side or showing sympathy to one or another. Instead, she just put forward all the facts and proofs in front of us, the audience, and asked us to decide for ourself.

4. Knows The Kind Of Audience She Wants To Target

Meghna, it seems has a good grasp on what kind of audience she wants to target with each film. Something that I admire about her is that instead of making mass based films she focuses on a particular group and gives them a good film that takes a look at the topic in a variety of different ways.

What this does is, it allows her films to have a certain direction instead of them floundering about trying to impress everyone.

In lieu of all this, we are excitedly looking forward to seeing how she deals with Sehmat’s story especially considering the powerhouse of talent she has at her disposal with the brilliant Alia Bhatt and even Vicky Kaushal who looks interesting in the trailer.

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Sources: WikipediaHindustan Times, Firstpost 

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