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Digital Currency Sets Off a Wave of Encryption Finance Under the Background of Blockchain


Decentralized payment blockchain(abbreviated as DPB) was established by Singapore bit global foundation Ltd and the top international blockchain technology development team are jointly organized to explore the diversified decentralized payment system of blockchain, and effectively use artificial intelligence and big data analysis technology to build a global diversified decentralized blockchain payment platform based on blockchain, which solves some problems encountered in the current global payment process. The DPB project has been launched in 2020 and has completed the concept validation. 

Financial activities on the value Internet have just begun. The term ‘encryption’ means that the securitized financial assets on the value Internet are controlled by encryption technology, and its characteristics are quite different from traditional finance. Although some people believe that cryptocurrency has begun to penetrate into all aspects of life and grow rapidly, its total value is only a few hundred billion US dollars, which is only a drop in the ocean compared with the financial scale of the existing global land and real estate market, stock market, commodity market, foreign exchange market, bond market and derivatives market. 

First, in terms of functions, the function of encrypted finance is  incomplete. Except for transfer and ICO, encrypted finance is hardly used in other fields. Second, in terms of market, the encryption financial market is seriously underdeveloped in terms of depth, breadth and ecology. Third, interoperability. Encryption finance is now difficult to interoperate through cross-chain, cross-organization and cross data sources. Fourth, the programmability. Smart contracts are not automatic, they are not smart, and they have no effect. In terms of automation, current smart contracts must be initiated by external transactions. In terms of intelligence, the existing trigger mechanism can not be triggered by external events. In function, the token can only be transferred as a whole, and the ownership and use right can not be programmed separately. 

The digital form of virtual currency facilitates our daily life, and gradually realizes that we do not need to spend real money to carry out physical consumption. Nowadays, more and more people are paying attention to digital currency. Almost any Internet Group, as well as enterprises and people you didn’t expect, are learning about digital currency. Digital asset blockchain is not a simple improvement, but an unprecedented technological revolution. 

DPB redefines the way of value transfer and the relationship between participants. It transforms value in time and space in a way that reflects the essence of finance, and realizes financial function in a unique way, which will lead to the disappearance of some existing financial products. DPB is highly scalable. In the form of the virtual machine, DPB completely provides unlimited daydream space for encryption finance between different tokens in the future, and creates unimaginable possibilities before. 

DPB is a super-intelligent financial payment platform in the era of blockchain 3.0 application. DPB’s vision is to build a key infrastructure for the value transfer of the public chain in the era of platform level crypto finance, which can connect a variety of values, provide complete financial functions, exchange different communities and tokens, and Bridge centralized and decentralized organizations to integrate Internet values as early as possible. 

Steve Siu, who is the CEO of DPB, said DPB combines Blockchain 3.0 technology with payment, equipped with practical stable energy-efficiency ratio an expandable system which makes large-scale application feasible. This decentralized blockchain is superior technology a breakthrough in the development of Blockchain 3.0. I am confident that DPB would be the first worldwide pluralistic decentralized payment system, bringing the global financial system to a higher level.

The biggest advantage of blockchain is that it helps to solve the problem of trust in human beings, making blockchain a technology to improve the level of human civilization. Its development is an irresistible impulse of human choice to save transfer costs. Because different from the original information internet (IOI), every blockchain can realize point-to-point value transfer. Blockchain technology has actually brought us from the era of IOI to the era of value Internet (IOV), which can be said to be the second generation of the Internet. 

Although the current value Internet has usability bottleneck, it needs continuous efforts and improvement in the future. The DPB project is closely related to the availability of the Internet. We will launch the ‘blockchain technology promotion campaign’ to contribute to the availability of blockchain technology. This will be a long-term effort of the AI foundation.

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