Did You Know That Snapdeal And Flipkart Might Be Selling Fake Goods? (Video)

Ever wondered if the product that is being offered at a huge discount is genuine or not, chances are, it is not.

Online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal are notorious for offering massive discounts on everyday products. The deal sometimes is so good that people barely blink an eye before buying the product.

But the economics of this rarely makes sense, to me at least. I mean how can you sell stuff at such a discount and still keep your company profitable?

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Well, apparently the answer is: Sell fake stuff

According to a recent News 18 report, 60% of sports goods online and 40% of the apparel is fake. Yes, that’s right, it just looks like the original but is not. Brands like COSCO and NIVIA were copied without any remorse.

These sellers dupe customers and cheat them out of money while providing substandard products. When asked about this, the e-tailers shrugged off any responsibility and cited legal jargon that they have put in their Term of Service.

Check out the video for the entire scoop

Image Credits: Google Images

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