Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 8: The Dhadak Labor Union Federation organized a spectacular labor meeting on Maharashtra Day and World Labor Day. The event witnessed the presence of esteemed dignitaries and political figures. Led by renowned labor leader Abhijeet Rane, founder president of Dhadak Kamgar Union Mahasangh, the event was held under the guidance of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Notable attendees included Gopal Shetty, Member of Parliament for North Mumbai, Sunil Rane, Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Borivali, and Sunil Prabhu, former Mayor and MLA for Dindoshi. The program also saw the special participation of Mamtamayi Radhe Maan, who blessed the workers with a holy sermon.

The grand labor meeting commenced with the auspicious Maha Puja of Shri Satyanarayana, followed by the ribbon-cutting ceremony by Sunil Prabhu. Dignitaries and union members from across the state gathered to extend their wishes to the Dhadak Kamgar Union and labor leader Abhijeet Rane. The Mamtamayi Shree Radhe Maan Trust distributed ration kits to thousands of workers. The event also featured various stalls showcasing the work of women entrepreneurs from the Dhadak Women Empowerment Association. A health camp offering free blood tests and diabetes screenings was organized for women.

During the program, labor leader Abhijeet Rane honored the dignitaries with shawls and bouquets. MLA Sunil Rane was felicitated by Anagha Rane, the senior political editor of “Daily Mumbai Mitra.” Distinguished individuals working in the labor sector received the Dhadak Labor Protection Award. At the same time, women who excelled in various fields were honored with the ‘Dynamic Women to Empower Award’ by dignitaries.

The grand gathering was made possible through the participation of various unions and associations, including the Dhadak Workers Union, Dhadak Auto Rickshaw Taxi Driver Owners Union, Dhadak All Film Workers Union, Dhadak Mathadi General Workers Union, Dhadak Hospital Workers Union, Dhadak Household Workers Union, The Truck Dumper Owners Association, Dhadak Divyang Muk Badhir Kamgar Union, Dhadak Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union, and Dhadak Women Empowerment Association.

Addressing the audience, Sunil Prabhu extended his wishes for Maharashtra Day and Labor Day. He praised Abhijit Rane, highlighting his commendable efforts in seeking justice for organized and unorganized workers. Prabhu emphasized Rane’s unwavering dedication and support for the workers, irrespective of their backgrounds and challenges.

As the chief guest, MP Gopal Shetty admired Abhijit Rane and his team for consistently organizing the labor fair. Shetty acknowledged their work in boosting workers’ morale, including hawkers, rickshaw pullers, vendors, masons, and domestic workers. He stressed the importance of unions in advocating for workers’ rights and finding resolutions between employers and employees. Shetty commended the Dhadak labor union for their remarkable efforts in ensuring justice for workers and wished them continued success.

The chief guest of the program, Sunil Rane, a popular MLA from the Borivali Legislative Assembly and BJP Mumbai regional general secretary, acknowledged the pivotal role played by workers in building Maharashtra. He expressed gratitude towards Abhijit Rane for his tireless work supporting society’s marginalized and oppressed sections. Sunil Rane prayed for Abhijit Rane’s continued strength and commitment to bringing justice to the neglected, exploited, oppressed, malnourished, and underprivileged. He extended his best wishes to Dhadak and its endeavors.

The labor meeting also featured captivating cultural performances, including a fashion show, dance presentations, and singing performances. Pandhari Shetty, President of the Dadasaheb Phalke Memorial Foundation, enthralled the audience with Karen Terry Raza’s performance at the Pyle Dance Academy. Mangesh Kumar showcased his musical singing skills, and a fashion show organized by Chaitali Chatterjee, Amrita Mishra, and Yasmin Shaikh captivated the attendees. Adding a touch of wonder to the event, Bani Devsani presented a mesmerizing ‘Blind Fold Magic’ program that left the workers in awe. The event was skillfully moderated by the renowned director, Simran Ahuja.

Prominent personalities from various fields were present at the gathering, including Ramkumar Pal, CEO of Vast Media Network Pvt. Ltd., Amol Rane, Vice President of the Union, Adv. Narayan Panicker, Atul Ravrane, senior RTI activist Anil Galgali, Ramkumar Pal, MB Singh, Prakash Barot, Kalyanji Jana, Dilshad Khan, Arun Gupta, Mahesh Gupta, Adv. Ajay Dubey, BK Pandey, Dilip Sen, Zullur Yadav, Winston Perera, Johnny YK, Baban Agde, Farid Sheikh, Upendra Pandit, Nitin Khetle, Arjun Mhadalkar, Sachin Mahadik, Giriraj Shukla, Avinash Dulagach, Shabbir Sheikh, Praveen Borania, Mahesh Pawar, Ganesh Sawant, Ramdhani Yadav, Rajwant Singh, Rahim Sheikh, Raees Thakur, and many others. The event was graced by distinguished individuals who contributed to its success.

The labor meeting organized by the Dhadak Labor Union Federation served as a platform to honor and uplift the workers of Maharashtra. It brought together political leaders, dignitaries, and various unions to celebrate the contributions and struggles of workers. Through initiatives such as ration kit distribution, women empowerment programs, and cultural performances, the event showcased the commitment of the Dhadak Labor Union Federation to the welfare and well-being of workers.

With the successful conclusion of the labor meeting, the Dhadak Labor Union Federation and its leader, Abhijeet Rane, continue their noble mission of advocating for the rights and upliftment of workers. Their dedication inspires workers across Maharashtra and beyond, demonstrating the power of unity and collective action in fostering a just and equal society.



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