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DEvil: What This 52-Year-Old HIV Positive Man Did To A 5-Year-Old Boy Will Give You Nightmares For Weeks!


There are plenty of advertisements coming up on our television that insist the landlord to perform a proper background check of the tenant before lending them any space. But surprisingly, the converse is seldom heard. And after this shocking incident that took place in the capital of the country, it shouldn’t remain so.

The heinous act of molestation

A 52-year-old man allegedly been accused of having ORAL SEX with a 5-year-old boy. The boy is the son of the tenants who have been renting the man’s place. When the mother of the child suspected some odd behaviour on the part of her son, she decided to go all the way.

The boy’s visible state of trauma gave his mother the much-needed answers she was seeking. Investigating further, the mother found that the man had lured the child to the terrace for playing with him and that’s where he molested her son.

This went on for three-four times more until the mother found out and went on to file an F.I.R about what her child had gone through.

The arrest and revelation of treatment

Child molestation casts a shadow the length of lifetime

The F.I.R resulted in the quick arrest of the man with a case under Section 377 (unnatural offenses) of IPC and relevant sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act has been registered against him.

The officer who filed the complaint also revealed that the man had been undergoing a treatment for HIV since past seven to eight years or so.

The police is also performing special investigation to check if the man had previously targeted other children for his unspeakable acts.

What’s wrong with our society?

Delhi has already been dubbed as the ‘rape capital’ of the country and an act such as this only adds to the horror that is surrounding the entire city. The incident occurred in the Mandawali area of Delhi and has since, generated a wave of shock throughout the city.

But what exactly is the reason as to why humanity is losing its grip in our society? We share a great deal of pride for our traditions and culture, but what about the back-end of all of this spectacle?

The answer is unknown.

To say that the boy had a traumatic experience would be an understatement. The man is no less than a devil. The mentality that a child has towards an older, grandfather-figure in his life has been ruined forever. I can’t even begin to imagine the agony of that innocent little boy who didn’t even know that he was getting molested.

I mean honestly, how possibly could he? He isn’t even heard the word sex, let alone comprehend when a sexual abuse is happening.

The bottom line is that you cannot stop people from committing such crimes. But you can make them fear the consequences. Build up a system with laws so tough that stand out as an example to every other possible criminal in making, to fear for their life before even they think of committing a sin.

News about acts such as these shouldn’t be the one that keep appearing on our screens. Childhood is precious and our children are even more. They need to be saved, before its too late.

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