On Saturday night, Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, became the first individual creator to hit the key milestone of 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

He rose to fame on the back of his Let’s Play videos, which document the play-through of a video game, including commentary and the face of the gamer so that the viewer feels he can see the gamer play for real.

He is without a doubt seminal in reviving and popularizing gaming culture on YouTube.

Soon after he achieved this feat, his fans went crazy in celebration and he got a bonus- 100,000 more subscribers.

Also, the timing of this news couldn’t have been better as he got married last week.

However, his journey hasn’t been smooth and easy. He often found himself in the centre of controversies for racist and anti-Semitic humor.

The pictures below will give you an inkling of the different beats he went through before creating history.

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Let us know in comments below if you are his fan or not.

Sources: Forbes, The Verge, Wikipedia

Image Credits: Google Images

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