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Demystifier: If You Love Sleeping, Then We Need To Do Some Mattress Talk


Mattresses are like those neglected coconut bars in a candy bag, that no one ever really looks at. But if one tries them, they turn out to not just be good for your health, but also quite tasty.

Same way, people tend to spend more time on their pillow, bed sheets and cover-ups rather than giving attention to the main star of the bed, i.e. the mattress.

Here, ED takes you through some commonly held misconception, myths and facts about mattresses that you probably were unaware of or even if you did know, did not give enough attention to. Let the demystifying begin:


1. The Firmer The Better:

Again a very common myth that, the firmer a mattress is, the better it will be for your back. In fact I myself have heard a person recommend a this to someone who has back problems. No people. Just no.

In fact, a firm mattress can actually worsen your back problems as it does not allow for any give for the spine curve that we all naturally have.

If one is buying a mattress online, always make sure to look at the mattress scale and select based on that. For those who don’t want to drown in a pit of uber softness, my suggestion would be a semi firm or a regular soft mattress.

2. Change your mattress in a limited amount of time:

This is a common misconception held by many that, one should change their mattress every 8 or so years. However that is not true.

A good quality and name brand one can last you more than a decade, but even still, there is no guaranteed time frame within which you have to change it.

The use, deep impressions within it, or has started to sag a lot and thus, does not provide any support are more obvious signs to change your mattress, then how many years you have been using it.


3. Expensive does not mean it’s good:

This myth I have actually experience myself, where a friend of mine tried to prove that a more expensive mattress would be a better bet than a budget one. Wrong.

Just because the item comes from a big brand, has probably something like silk or gold probably (for all we know), it does not automatically make it the best.

See, a lot of people don’t realize this but sometimes a budget mattress can work wonders and provide a much better sleep than a 60k one.

The ultimate judge has to be ‘your’ body and what feels better for you.

Is it a firm, spring one or a soft memory foam one… or is it something else entirely?

Always make sure to go through the type of material used inside the mattress, what kind it is before buying.

4. One size does not fit all:

Yes guys… size does matter here. A lot of people just want to buy a mattress and get out of there, not spending much time on other factors.

The size of the mattress is one such thing that only most don’t pay attention to, but simply are not interested in knowing.

That is where you all go so wrong. The size can make a big difference in how much comfort you get from it. A 40 kg person will not require the same sized mattress as an 80 kg person. Another factor to keep in mind is sleeping position. So check the size of the mattress and see whether it is best for you or not.


5. You can’t buy mattresses online:

Ok, now this is just out right absurd. Are you kidding me?

Not only is this not true, but let me point you towards one site that I have been frequenting for some time and that My Iconic Home. I know I know, there are other sites too like this, but the amount of range and benefits that I see on this site, I seldom have seen anywhere else.

One can easily choose to buy a mattress online, from their site, as they offer a large variety not just in pricing, but also types of mattresses, material used, leading brands like Sleepwell, Kurlon, SpringAir and more. Oh, one more thing that sets them apart is that you can get custom made mattress. Yes people, if you have a really big bed or whatever your reason is, you can get them to adjust the size according to your liking.

Wait… I’m going too much here, but my basic point is that buying a mattress online is a thing of the past. Especially in today’s world of demonetization, online home furniture shopping is our saviour. So go out there and buy yourself your perfect mattress.

So these were a few commonly believed myths about mattresses. Now use these and have a good night’s sleep. Happy sleeping.

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