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Delhi University gets its own version of Game of Thrones at Shaheed Bhagat Singh


1617105_289780987842736_1188465788_o As the main aim of an entrepreneur is to expand his business as much as he can with the limited resources he has, decision-making seems to be an integral part of his professional life. Given their innovative outlook to competitions and inspired by the popular TV show Game of Thrones, Battle of Westeros will test the decision making ability of its participants based on how they handle the limited resources they have and make the best use out of it. This competition takes you back in time, to the ancient age, where Kingdoms prevailed and battled over resources and land! Battle of Westeros is a game that will test your wits as well as your managerial skills by making you use your resources to the fullest and try and expand your empire to be the king of the land! Battle of Westeros Competition Layout Each house will be given certain resources and a home territory to begin with. The main aim of each house would be to expand their territories while protecting their home territory at the same time. If a house loses its home territory, they will be out of the game. When a house captures a territory, the territory becomes a part of the original empire of that particular house. A house can only attack those territories that share its border with the home territories or captured territory. That is to say each house can attack on territories who share their border with the House’s empire. IMG-20140220-WA0013 Each house will be given certain resources which will be extinguished and replenished from time to time. Houses can always exchange these in the commodities market at fixed exchange rates. The four resources will be Food, military, gold and population. They also have to manage the ratios of their resources. Each house will be given a certain amount of time in which they have to submit their strategies. So let your calculations be your sword and your strategy be your shield. 1604578_289382191215949_2116636332_n


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