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Declining Tech Trends


As the new year brings in new technology trends, it shows a way out, too, to some of the existing ones. Although being used to, to the older ones makes it a little difficult to lose hold on them, it doesn’t take long before the new ones are set in motion.


Phones with physical keyboards are soon going to be a thing of the past. With Blackberry having adopted touchscreen for its high end category and Nokia selling touchscreen Asha phones, phones with physical keyboard lose market.

End of SMS

Coming in of more and more smart phones has lead to a drastic decline in the number of SMS sent. Applications like Whatsapp, Nimbuzz, Google Talk have taken over and provide a better platform for communicating. SMS use declined, in the US, by 3% in 2012.


Just about no one clings to their printers and dials up internet connections to send a fax. Its cheaper, convenient and less time consuming to scan a document, instead, and send it via an email. Even better is to quickly snap a picture of the document and attach it in an email, and the job is done.

Camera or Phone?

Camera. Reborn.
If you’ve got a smart phone you don’t carry a camera separately for a party, unless its a DSLR. This is as the smart phones offer cameras that are “good enough”.
Though this turning trend might take yet another turn and give a boost to the camera industry with the new SAMSUNG Galaxy Camera GC100, which comes with full phone specifications.
*Article inspired by The Times of India.
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