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Is this ‘David Moyes Team’?


Sir Alex still watches every home game

By Parikshit Pal

In football every coach has a way of running a club. He implements his own style of working and the club functions accordingly. There is no golden rule as to what is the winning formula. Sometimes the coach also has to compromise according to the available resources. You have to balance between the resources available and the demand of the team.

Let’s evaluate the different facets of the problems faced by Moyes.

Well firstly, it’s a huge task replacing arguably the best manager ever. So you have to give Moyes time and margin initially, which even Ferguson received. Secondly, you should provide the manager with funds so he can bring players who match his style. Half way down the season nothing has changed at united. We all wondered how Ferguson’s team performed at the highest level in the last few years because let’s face it he didn’t have a great squad.Moyes had only one notable signing of fellaini and he has underperformed to say the least. The main point is united still play 4-4-2, they play jones in center midfield against the big teams and when they are losing he puts rooney in midfield and Valencia in right back. They are all the strategies of Ferguson so again what’s new??

Rooney is not signing a new deal, Van Persie is mulling over the training regime and Nani just signed a five year contract. The only positive is the young lad Januzaj, its amazing how a talented and determined youngster can lift the team up. So lets look at the possible solutions.

1. SELECT THE BEST ELEVEN When united have a fully fit squad moyes won’t know what his best eleven will be. The attack can be rotated and changed but you need stability at the back. The back four need to be playing consistently together. Well, he has some bad luck with injuries as well but he needs to sort out his defense. Defensive solidity was the base for his success at everton.

Moyes is still confused as to what his best playing eleven is.


Play 4-3-3 or 5-3-2. Try rooney alone up top. Play Kagawa as a playmaker or anything else. The point is when his team is not performing at the level desired so he needs a plan-B, C and D. Which he doesn’t have.

3. STAMP YOUR AUTHORITY Just let the players know who is the boss and it will be you who will have the last word. It doesn’t look like that in United. Maybe it is like that but it certainly doesn’t look like that.

4. A NEW SIGNING We all know what impact a new signing can have. Van Persie is a fine example as is Ozil for Arsenal. So, moyes needs a marquee signing.

5. GET THE CROWD BEHIND THE TEAM Home form has been awful for united which needs to be worked upon. United need to start games at a good tempo in order to get the crowd behind them. One or two good games at home and few wins against big teams and the crowd will start believing in United again. So, all is not lost at United. They can still finish in top four and be a force in Champion’s League and FA cup this season.



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