Colleges often have some small issues arising, especially when it comes to their election times. During campaigning, different competitors are vying for the votes of the students and after that, it is a fight with the oppositions, students bickering with college administration for some reason or another.

But seldom do these issues cross over into years where even almost an year later, the fight is still going on.

But the issue of Daulat Ram College and their Student Union is one such long drawn battle.

What Is The Issue?

The whole situation has been brewing since last year September after the results of Delhi University’s Daulat Ram College’s Student Union Elections got over.

Apparently, the election itself was something of a thorn to many of the students with absence of NOTA, mismanagement during the voting where students had to wait almost 2 hours to give their vote, and technical errors in the EVMs used.

But the real issue started once Diksha Verma was elected as the President of the Student Union for the year 2018-19 of Daulat Ram College. According to reports, she got about 40% of the total votes but this was immediately protested against by the opposing candidate Sonia Sehrawat who alleged foul play like tampering of the EVMs.

This was further highlighted when it came out to be that most of the other posts were won by people of Sonia’s panel, where Sonia herself lost the President post.

Students started to protest and demand either re-election or a re-vote in order to clear up the real winner.

What Is Happening Now?

Now, almost 6 months after the whole thing, Sonia Sehrawat posted on her Facebook, how she had been made the Co-President of Daulat Ram College Students Union by the Governing Body Chairman.

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In fact, even NSUI’s Delhi State President, Akshay Lakra was quoted saying that, “NSUI has always raise its concern against malfunctioning of evm and and use of 1st genration evm machines for student body elections. Daulat Ram College was the perfect example where votes displayed by the EVM were more than the voters enrolled. Sonia Sehrawat raised her voice and college administration had to accept the faults in the whole mechanism.”

However, it seems that this was not acceptable to the supporters of current President Diksha, who even wanted to protest against this step.

It also seems that there is a lot of confusion between the college administration themselves, since as per sources, the DRC principal came out with a notice that stated how the elections “were conducted in absolutely fair and unbiased manner. There was no discrepancy either in counting or results.”

The notice then went on to list out Diksha Verma as President along with the rest of the Student Union members, but surprisingly, Sonia Sehrawat’s name was missing as Co-President.

Sonia in another Facebook post has questioned the confusion being created, and at the end, asked 3 questions to the college authorities:

1- Why there was discrepancy in number of votes?

2- Why 3 General secretary were appointed?

3- Why after many applications the grievance committee head’s name is not yet disclosed?

Daulat Ram College Student Union President, Diksha too posted about this on her Facebook, along with the screenshot of the notice.

It seems that it is going to take some more time to eventually resolve this matter.

Image Credits: Facebook

Sources: The Indian Express, Facebook

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