• Demand for professionals in data science in India are at ATH (All-Time-High).
  • Data Science is one among the top future career domains both in India and across the globe
  • Highest salary for data scientists is around ₹44.0 LPA
  • DataSpace Academy is offering job-ready Certification courses in Data Science and Data Analytics

Place, Date: India is predicted to have 10 million+ job opportunities in the field of data science and data analytics by 2026. In light of the increasing demand for data science professionals, DataSpace Academy has begun offering professional certification courses in Data Science and Data Analytics for students aspiring to build a rewarding career in data science.

DataSpace Academy is an award-winning institution, widely recognised for job-ready cybersecurity and data science courses.

What is Data Science and Data Analytics?

Data Science is the art and science of gleaning valuable insights from a colossal pool of data to help businesses and organisations reach informed data-driven decisions.

Data science is primarily the umbrella stream for all the fields that engage in mining large datasets. Data Analytics is a subset of Data Science.

Data Analytics refers to the method of gathering, cleansing, as well as processing of raw unstructured data to obtain meaningful insights or actionable solutions.

Most in-demand Job Roles in the field of Data Science

  • Data Scientist
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Data Visualisation Specialist
  • Data Privacy Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst

Key Reasons to join the field of Data Science

Rising demand

Modern businesses and organisations are overwhelmed with a large pool of mammoth data. Problem is, the ever-expanding mass of data is mostly disorganised. This is where organisations need the help of data scientists and analysts.

Data scientists and analysts deploy a multi-disciplinary approach combining computing, statistics, algorithms, AI technologies, and scientific methods to systematically sort and analyse this huge pool of unstructured data- to help businesses reach informed and calculated decisions faster.

In-demand Future Career

A recent Nasscom report has stated that the jobs in data science are expected to rise to 16,500 by the year 2025 from 2,720 back in 2018. As per market reports, demand for professionals in data science in India are at ATH (All-Time-High).

Jobs in Diverse Industries

Data scientists and analysts are in huge demand in a diverse range of industries, ranging from healthcare, BFSI, energy, telecommunications, retail, marketing, automotive, media and entertainment, tech, and more.

Here is a brief on why some of the major industries are increasingly hiring data science professionals:

Banking and Finance – The fiscal sector takes the help of data science analysis to study and predict customer behaviour, determine credit scores, and also detect fraud.

Healthcare: Data science professionals help the healthcare institutions to attain smarter decisions regarding patient care and patient satisfaction, as well as overall performance of the organisation.

Hospitality: The hospitality industry seeks the help of data analysts to gain insights about customer preferences, and customise their services to attain maximum customer satisfaction.

Education: The academic sector is also hiring data science professionals for assessing student performance that later helps them to enhance the learning experience for each student.

Supply Chain: The supply chain domain also needs data science professionals to attain real-time information on customers and inventory status and location. These insights help managers to address sudden problems faster and improve operations.

Generous Pay Package

Data scientists in India earn an average salary of ₹14.0 LPA while the highest salary can go up to ₹44.0 LPA. Data analysts earn a somewhat equally high pay package, around ₹12.0 LPA on an average to ₹34.0 LPA.

Data Science and Data Analytics programs

Certification in Data Science

The Data Science Certification Course offers comprehensive training on all the key aspects of Applied Data Science, including Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Certification in Data Analytics

The Data Analyst Certification Course covers the key analytics tools and techniques like how to work with SQL databases, R and Python, create data visualisations, and apply statistics and predictive analytics in a business setting.

DataSpace Academy is driven by the mission and vision to empower students and job seekers with job-ready skills for top future career domains. With Data Science commanding a huge share of both national and global career-scape, there could not be a better time to launch the Data Science and Data Analytics courses.


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