Comedy in India is still in its initial stages, where its fumbling and stumbling around on weak legs, trying to find its footing. 

People still have a lot of stereotypes and prejudices against comedy as a profession and comedians, where people do not take it seriously and consider it only as a hobby or phase. 

 In that case, comedy clubs have been seen as a very positive thing where comedians can perform, reach out to people and get paid at the end of it all. 

With this, Indian comedians can actually make a living while doing something they like and eventually make it into a full time profession.

However, that positive image might soon change with this post made by an Indian comedian on the reality that we do not see. 

Daniel Fernandes, an Indian comedian, posted this on his Instagram yesterday, which quickly caught the attention of many.

In a series of photos he explained exactly what was wrong and how some of these comedy clubs were allegedly taking advantage of the comedians and not completing their responsibilities correctly. 

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This is actually something that has not been covered much, and has still not been proven if its true or not. 

However, it would also not be that much of a stretch, considering how new the comedy scene in India is, and with no proper backing for the comedians, it makes sense that these clubs could take advantage of their unawareness of how things run. 

Hopefully, this could bring out more people to voice out the wrongs being done and lead to some change. 

Hoping for a comment from these comedy clubs after this IG post of Daniel, to present their side of the story. 

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Source: Instagram

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