Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Crazzzzy things to do this winter


1. Go ice-skating this chilly winters and see the reaction on your parents’ face
2. Go for a ‘Sleep Detox’. Don’t bathe the whole day, stay snuggled in your blanket, keep home delivery numbers ready, download 5 movies to watch and switch on the heater or heat pad. To top it, do it on a Monday
3. Eat oranges, salad and guavas in the lovely warm sunshine in your balcony with your pug

4. Buy summers’ clothes at awesome prices for the next season
5. Drink chilled smoothies with your friends and the moment you come back, make sure you convince your parents to give you a shot (big) of brandy. Don’t forget to bless ED for the super nice sleep you’ll get.


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