It’s happening. *Gulp* It seems it’s finally happening.

Ekta Kapoor’s pet project, an Indian Game of Thrones is finally rumored to take off at the end of this month, to the shock and dismay of many GoT aficionados like myself.

I can only imagine the horror.

But, what should we expect from this Ekta Kapoor project? The Shonda Rhimes of Indian television, Ekta Kapoor has been the mind and brain behind shows such as Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, shows that revolutionized the television scenes for better and worse. Will she be able to create and manage to make an Indian Game of Thrones watchable enough?

Let’s find out.

Game of Thrones hit a fortune and a huge block of dedicated audience by its portrayal of societal taboos such as prostitution, incest, lots of sex, dark magic, rape, homsexuality and gratuitous violence.

How will Ekta Kapoor adapt the HBO hit then?

Well, she won’t. Not every aspect of the show. It’s been reported that the show like the

HBO version will have lots of sex. And, maybe it will. But, will it really touch subjects such as incest the way GoT does?

Will Kapoor’s Indian Game of Thrones really portray a questionable, incestuous relationship on screen for the mass audience in India?

No. And, no.

Ekta Kapoor’s films and TV shows have regularly pushed the boundaries of nonsense and implausibility.

But, she isn’t irrational. No way she’s going to incorporate incest in the storyline.

No way at all.

So, what should we expect? Well, I dunno either. So, here goes. Three storylines from HBO’s GoT adapted for the Indian audience. Ekta Kapoor isshtyle.

Daenerys Dhumavati’s Story Mirrors Tulsi’s

Remember Dany’s love story with Drogo beginning with rape? Well, not in Dhumavati’s case. Her love story with Khali (Yes, Khali. LOL), warlord living in Afghanistan begins with a romantic courtship that involved a lot of running around trees. Their wedding, unlike a Dothraki one, will not have three deaths but instead, will have saat phere multiplied into three (Because, slow motion).

That’s not all though. Khali will die in a horse accident. Until he isn’t and is discovered living with a horse-breeder named Avantika. Dhumavati will be forced to kill Avantika (Because, damn you housebreaker) and just when you think the rest of their life will be bliss, Khali will die of a brain tumor (*Insert 2 episodes of crying*).

Dhumavati and Khali

Depressed, Dhumavati will immigrate to Bharat (Because, Swades dekh li) but, she’ll be attacked mid-way and she’ll give birth to a Garuda. Angry, D-vati will swear revenge on those who tried to kill her, the husband-wife pair of Jaimin and Cersmiti.

The Things I Do For My Wife’s Love – Jaimin Lannwani

Jaimin and Cersmiti are a happy, power-hungry couple who rule a significant portion of Bharat, after having killed Dhumavati’s father in his sleep. The couple had fallen in love with each other in a previous birth but, having discovered that they were cousins, prayed and vowed to Lord Vishnu that they may meet and marry each other in the next birth.

They are served by Nandkishore, an honest-to-god Adivasi and his son Bhanu, both of whom haven’t been home in fifteen years. All is bliss until the day Bhanu finds out about Jaimin and Cersmiti’s secret past. However, before he can divulge this secret to Nandkishore, Jaimin kills Bhanu.

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Later, Nandkishore is killed by Jaimin and Cersmiti. However, not before he reveals that Bhanu was in fact, Jaimin’s son from a previous relationship. Shocked by his actions, Jaimin goes into exile to the Himalayas and is killed by a wolf as Cersmiti takes absolute power.

Jaimin and Cersmiti, in happier times

Baap Ka, Bhai Ka, Sabka Badla Lenge Tere Bacche – Sawant Parivaar

News of Bhanu and Nandkishore’s death reaches their tribe. The Sawants, headed by the eldest son, Rabindra and the bastard, Janardhan raise a vaanar sena and move to meet Jaimin’s forces in the field. On their way to battle, however, Rabindra falls in love with a washerwoman from a lower caste and marries her.

Angry at the inter-caste marriage, the family matriarch Ba disavows Rabindra and orders him and his bride to exile. Janardhan, the bastard who knows nothing is forced to lead the Sawant army but, is betrayed and killed by one of his commanders, Godse, who also kill Ba.

The Sawants are survived by their youngest children, Aaliya and Sansui who are forced to flee North where they meet Dhumavati and plot to have all those responsible for their plight punished.

Rabindra going against family and sanskaar to do an inter-caste marriage

Don’t fret. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Pretty sure Ekta Kapoor’s Indian Game of Thrones will have more interesting storylines to look forward to.

Image Sources: Google Images

Sources: Firspost, India Today, Mid-Day

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