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The court clan


ArizonaMuseDaphneGroeneveldSelfService14-307x244For those of who you are wondering, let me first tell you that court means ‘short’ in French. And when I say the court clan is here, I am talking about all the lovely ladies with super chic short hairstyles.

The fashion world has moved on to bobs and pixies, so how can we be left far behind? Be it Halle Berry, who has since long sported a super short pixie, or Beyoncé, who recently cut her once lusciously long hair into a short buzz cut, these fashion divas are embracing this trend and how! Canadian model Coco Rocha took it to a new level when she tweeted the whole process of hair dresser Anh Co Tran taking his shears to her long brown locks. (We are totally loving the new haircut which is so edgy and so punk!).The ‘good girl gone bad’ Rihanna wears her short hair with loads of attitude, which only amps up her bad girl image! And wanna be bad girls (read Miley Cyrus) follow suit.

The girl with short hair is edgy, adventurous and super cool..(Literally, since she doesn’t have hair on her neck to make it all sweaty). She doesn’t care for convention, and flouts rules with ease. Above all, she is effortlessly stylish (since she doesn’t spend an hour taming her hair every morning). So would you cut your hair? If yes, keep the following things in mind: There are no set rules for knowing whether short hair will suit you or not, the only way to find out is to cut it. So go for it if you are adamant enough. If you don’t like it then, remember its just hair, it will grow back no matter what. The growing back process may be a little tedious but trust me you will love it when you have a new hairstyle every month!

Nothing frees a girl’s neck, the schedule and the attitude like a short haircut, isn’t it? What do you think? Would you try it yourself, or rather admire it only in the pages of fashion magazines? Tell us below!



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