In the admission season, a lot of students are plagued with this question.

Given the system of cutoffs in most of the colleges, especially one of the most coveted Delhi University, people often miss their courses’ mark by a difference of 0.5%.

Such a situation unleashes an inevitable dilemma. Students are mostly faced with a choice between a course that they wish to pursue but in a college of lesser repute or a better college where they need to compromise with the course. This can happen even if the courses you prefer are only slightly different from each other.

So, the choice boils down to, course or college?

Personally, I have been on both the sides and let me tell you, I prefer the former.

At the time of my graduation, I went to one of the best colleges in the country for my course. Firstly, I believed I preferred this course. Though, that was also because of my lack of knowledge about a relatively better course. It was available in another college in DU, lesser ranked though.

I chose the college over the course.

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Although I gained a lot from the college in general as it was the most liberal and enriching environment but the course didn’t give me a lot of what I required. Add to it some listless teachers and I was presented with some utterly laid back study environment for three years. Though there were some good teachers in the beginning but it all started fading by the mid of my second year.

I don’t regret my choice. I learned a lot all through these years. But the skills I wished to learn were left behind amidst the theoretical aspect.

Now, during my post-graduation, I was again in the same dilemma. A course that I craved for in a college, though reputed, had a lesser rank than the one on the top of the heap but with a slightly different structure in the same area of study.

I did not want to repeat the ‘mistake’ of choosing a ‘better’ college that wouldn’t teach me exactly what I wanted to pursue. Therefore, I went ahead with the ‘course’.


Trust me, I couldn’t be happier!

A reputed or a top ranked college will indeed get you a job but maybe not the one you would be happy doing.

But a course of your choice will equip you with the skills you require and you will be prepared for the profession you desire.

When faced with such a dilemma, a lot of people take the easy way out i.e. pick college over course which offers more security in terms of placements.

Try and take the road not taken for once, my friend! The poem has been written for a reason.

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