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Modi Has Nothing To Lose But Nitish Kumar Has Put His Everything On Stake


During the Bihar elections 2015, when Modi praised Nitish Kumar in his speech, no one knew that two years down the lane there would be a JDU-NDA alliance. In one of his election speeches, Modi mentioned Nitish Kumar seven times, praising him for his various requests and suggestions related to the development of Bihar.

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The aim at that time appeared to be an option for an alliance between NDA and JDU in the elections.

But Nitish stayed with his commitment to the Mahagathbandan, and eventually formed the government with Nitish Kumar becoming the Chief Minister and Tejaswi Yadav the Deputy Chief Minister.

In the past few months, the corruption allegations against the Lalu family worsened involving especially Tejaswi Yadav. This followed with targeted raids at Misa Bharti‘s farmhouse. Sushil Kumar Modi left no stones unturned to discredit the Lalu family.

On Wednesday, Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar resigned from his position citing that his conscience would not allow him to carry on and he could not work in such a situation. He took oath as the new (yet old) Chief Minister of Bihar with Sushil Kumar Modi becoming the Deputy Chief Minister.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sushil Kumar Modi becomes a Union Minister sometime soon or a Chief Minister, perhaps, as a reward for his bravery cum wickedness.

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The Plot

Corruption done by Lalu is not a new thing. It is an established fact that Lalu Prasad Yadav is corrupt. He has been jailed for it and is now out on bail. The amusing part is that Nitish Kumar was okay with taking help of a corrupt family for winning the elections earlier and now he suddenly evokes morality. But politics it is.

Whatever it is, it is never too late to take a good stand.

So here’s a synopsis of it: Nitish took advantage of Lalu to win the elections and BJP took advantage of Nitish to malign the already maligned Lalu family in order to enter into Bihar politics and eventually the government.

Now that it is an established fact that every politician is an opportunist, let’s cut the crap of moral integrity.

No party or politician has moral principles or integrity.

As soon as they get the opportunity, they grab it by the throat and cripple the other side till its last existing breath.

Nitish Kumar’s Heavy Risk

Even though they have an undefeated mandate, Bihar is one of the states in which the BJP has faced defeat. So there isn’t any reason for BJP to not use the divide and rule policy to bifurcate the party.

The spin here is that BJP can and will sideline Nitish whenever they feel their motive and agenda is fulfilled. BJP being a national party has not got much to lose. But JDU being a regional party, confined to double digits’ seat in Bihar, has plenty to lose and a lot to risk.

The next Lok Sabha elections are just 2 years far. And going by the present state of affairs and the management by the NDA government, BJP is bound to lose seats. To counter that they need to have a regional party by their side, especially in a state like Bihar where they don’t have the mandate.

Nitish Kumar could be of much help to them. Be a friend to them.

However, going by the political history of this or any country, a friend in politics don’t last long.

What will happen when Nitish Kumar is thrown out of the NDA camp? Well, Nitish ain’t a fool. He knows how to maintain friendship which can benefit him politically. The biggest example being the Mahagathbandan. Therefore, Nitish Kumar is avoiding any personal attacks on Lalu and his family.

He is smarter than most of us. But not as smart as Amit Shah.

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