Counselor Rima K

(Author, women & child counselor, Tarot card specialist)

She has been awarded among the 40 strongest women for her psychic abilities and fitness mantras around the globe in Uttrakhand in the year 2019 January. She received awards in literature in 2021from Kiran Bedi, All India achievers conference, facilitated her in Delhi for her extraordinary talents in 2021.

She is a woman with multi-talents. She is an author, Tarot card specialist, and women &child counsellor. By nature, she is empathetic to those who need it. She is a face reader by choice. She believes in the world; there are three kinds of people—one who takes, one who gives and a third which takes and gives both. People who keep blaming and defaming are the wild takers who never confide in spiritual laws—the law of attraction, not its human nature. When you want to go somewhere, you will arrange your vehicle, but it depends on you which vehicle you will opt for; the same goes with human beings’ human nature. They trust, admire, and hate according to their own nature and experiences in life’s journey. Mother never waits when she delivers a child to feed him, a true mother would want to hold her child in her arms and would love to plant a kiss on her/his forehead, and her child’s innocence will drive her crazy to feed him. It is called compassion. So, whatever we do in life, if there is a sense of compassion, you will enjoy every human being to whom you have been connected. 2022 IT’S A WOMEN ERA; WOMEN OF COMPASSION AND TRUTH WILL WIN THE RACE, and the rest will chase. The superb blending of three two makes Venus, VENUS can only make women survive beautifully with emergence of emotions, and Three 2 speaks abundance of it. Women who suffer domestic violence proved to be more inclined toward social work and serving children, working on their own to make money. It is a problematic situation where women are put up, but we can grow hugely with our own life experiences if we see the positive side. EXPERIENCES OF LIFE TEACHES US TRUE LESSONS, not books or teachers.

Nowadays, depression has become the most known disease, but being a psychologist, she proved that our health is no such thing. Most intelligent, kneen observers and love seekers are suffering from this.HOWEVER, psychiatry proves this ailment, but as we know, MOTHER OF KRISHNA ALSO WENT THROUGH MOST ROLLER COASTER PHASE, AND SHE SUFFERED THE SAME its called losing someone to whom you love most. She treated many women who suffered from this, making her all fit and fine without medication. She is the most influential woman among 100 educationists and authors. She knows to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. Radio city honoured her with a prestigious place on their list of dignitaries. She is a woman of mass. She deals with her clients online and loves to provide them with all the skills to fight society’s taboos. She served many homemakers, corporate ladies, principals and teachers as well. She created a niche to help women in her style; hence she is her brand. She stands by her clients and never looks to watch as she says that when you get suicidal tendencies, you need to be with a person, and tendencies never come on time. So, as a passionate counsellor, she believes that she is like a doctor and has to be present with her clients anytime they need, may it be midnight too.

Love is the only source of human survival then comes MONEY. However, money brings honey, but true honey will bring money; DEPRESSION means deep rest of love. Those hearts who finds nobody’s love makes them unwanted in family and society.

“Prem hi maan” is her book available on Amazon, Flipkart, Kindle, and ShopClues.

As A Tarot Specialist, It’s Her 100 Percent Prediction About Congress: An Educated People Can Understand The Importance Of Knowledge Which Builds A Nation And Destroys Too.

Congress Will Win All Over, 2022, Kon Karega Congress Ko Grace, Its Itself Is A Grace And The Biggest Racer. The Divine Blessing, The New Age Of India. Tarot Card SPECIALIST.


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