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Confessions of a Book Worm



Apart from obsessing over half a million other things, I also have a passionate obsession over books of all kinds. Below is a list of my confessions…

  1. Whenever I enter a book store, I feel a crazy, almost giddy rush. My eyes travel in a million directions, as various books with their beautiful covers and untold stories call out to me. At this stage, my interest is like lightening, disappearing as quickly as it is aroused. I flit like a butterfly from book to book until I have surveyed almost all offerings that the store has to make. Only after thus scanning the books, do I go about studying them in detail.
  2. Also I go about choosing my books randomly; I have never been biased towards any authors. This is because I believe one’s bookshelf should house a good mix of all sort of books, from Sidney Sheldon’s thrillers to Coelho’s philosophical musings, from Cecilia Ahern’s romantic novels to Edward De Bono’s wonderful self-help guides. Another reason why I don’t read too much of one particular author is because although I do want to learn as much as possible, I don’t want to become too influenced by him/her. Also, I believe not having a favourite genre or author keeps ones options open.
  3. Okay, after giving you all that lecture about not being biased, let me admit a guilty little secret. Although I agree that the classics are the best language teacher (or lessons-of-life teacher, for that matter) one can ever have, I find them just a wee bit boring.
  4. One more guilty secret that will make every literature lover look down upon me in disapproval is that I have a soft spot for chick lit, but obviously only classy and good quality chick lit, mind you!
  5. Another random fact about books I read is that, almost eighty per cent of all books I read have female protagonists. Maybe, in spite of my vehement refusals, I am a feminist after all…
  6. Oh, last but not the least, often when I go book shopping I come home empty handed in spite of the long hours spent browsing all the books. This is because I never ever buy a book just for the sake of buying it. I choose my books carefully, as is with friends. Infact I like to think that it is the book that chooses its owner. Therefore I only buy books that really speak to me, the rest I borrow from friends or libraries.


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